Interior Designing Tips For Your Bathrooms

Posted by Edward on October 25th, 2015

Bathrooms are as much a part of your dream home as any other room. The trend and craze for having well designed and well organised bathrooms has grown at an insane pace in the recent past. An idea of the same can be garnered by seeing the boom in the bathroom appliances industry. It has completely revolutionised from how it is now and what it used to be only a few years earlier. Everything from the wallpaper to the bathroom tiles to the hardware used is making a statement of its own.

Some might find it a tad unconventional when bathroom design is under consideration, but it is definitely an area which is frequently used. Hence, it requires the utmost attention it deserves.

Here we give you some useful and chic interior designing tips for your bathrooms that would help you design an uber classic bathroom in your home:

  • Space Issues: Make sure you make the most of the available space. Involve a professional to carve out optimum space. Once that is sorted, do not hesitate to make a statement be it having dramatic wall tiles with your favourite icon’s portrait or having a Jacuzzi. It’s your personal space and should be your reflection.
  •  Mix it up: Have an interesting blend of materials for the floors, walls, and cabinets. Choose between wooden flooring, composite marble tops, interesting patters and stones. Create drama with some intense lighting. They are a great soothing factor when it comes to having a calm and relaxed bath. And aroma! Yes, make sure to have your favourite fragrance all around. It is an absolute must for a relaxed time.
  • Make room for storage: While you might give importance to the aesthetic aspect of the bathroom to make it visually appealing and soothing, do not miss out to create optimum spaces to hold all your bathroom necessities and some additional piles of towels, soaps and candles. Storage ladders and wooden crates are exceptional investments that add style and comfort. Also, have you thought of floating storage?
  • Colours: Play of colours is crucial but at the same time, make sure to not go overboard with it. Have a balanced approach. White is indicative of peace and cleanliness. So make a neutral palette with interesting mix of white with more dramatic colours like red.
  • A little vanity doth no harm: Of course, make room for your vanity. This could be a huge statement mirror or a bath tub or anything grand like having a spa corner for that relaxed evening fun. It is your private space and should be in compliance with your desires.
  • Bathroom accessories: You could experiment with cool bathroom accessories to add a quirky and vibrant feel. Right from some personalized candle holders donning your ceramic tiles to the handcrafted caricatures on the agglomerated marble used, you can have it all!
  • Flowers: You could make room for flowers in the bathroom space. They add beauty and aroma in abundance, acting as a treat to the eyes and the nose.

Be anything but conventional and do not hesitate in experimenting and making bold choices. This is perhaps the best piece of advice we could give you!

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