OTT Platforms are Conquering Cable TV, Here is Why?

Posted by Nixon Sloan on May 27th, 2021

OTT is at the forefront of the use and delivery of film and TV content over the Internet without requiring the user to subscribe to traditional cable, satellite, or pay-TV services such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable, etc. OTT streaming services offer a way to bypass traditional distribution channels such as cable providers and telecommunications networks. An OTT app or service is delivered over the Internet and users only need a broadband connection that they receive from their cable provider. You can imagine IPTV as a hybrid between an OTT content provider and a cable TV provider. The other major difference between IPTV and other video content delivered over the Internet is that IPTV is a subscription paid service run by a telecommunications company (ISP) and not cable or satellite. OTT video streaming over an Internet network differs from cable and satellite in that it delivers content in the same client-server model as what delivers your emails, websites and other Internet-based services. If you want to explore your OTT opportunities, Lavio is the best OTT platform that offers premium quality ott streaming services including video on demand, live streaming, ott movies, web series, shows, mp3 songs online and much more. Why use an OTT platform? ● Delivers more and unique content ● Everywhere is equally easy ● Costs less There are 5 types of television - channels for entertainment in India : free-to-air, direct to home (DTH), cable, over-the-top/OTT platforms. At the beginning of this century, traditional entertainment channels shifted from television to the Internet, and OTT platforms began to distribute television and film content over the Internet. The main reason for this switch from cable TV to OTT is that streams, ott movies and also web series can be watched on an OTT platform without advertisements. Because OTT is a relatively new phenomenon, it offers great opportunities for media companies, content providers and advertisers. For advertisers, OTT streaming services are the only way to reach viewers who do not use regular television such as cable or IPTV. OTT platforms are not just limited to movies and TV content that you can consume when you have cable, they are also changing our behavior in other vertical areas, such as faith and fitness. Unlike ad-free content on cable television, which relies on advertising to boost revenue, most OTT video streaming services use a subscription model. With excellent value for money, subscribing to an OTT streaming service gives users access to an extensive content library at a modest price. OTT content can be consumed on mobile devices because it is based on a video-on-demand model. SVOD companies use OTT platforms such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and more to make their content accessible. People can choose to cut the cable of their traditional TV service and opt for an internet package to access SVOD platforms on their OTT devices. OTT service providers are streaming classic movies and TV shows not only, but OTT services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are also converting to the original content. If you have a stable internet connection, you don't have to worry about the variety of content on an OTT platform. Digital media players and various third-party devices enable access to OTT video streaming services. OTT platforms are a practical way to bypass cable and satellite TV providers and have full control over the distribution of content. Accessibility and all that goes with it is the main reason why OTT services such as offering unlimited content in the form of web series, ott movies, music, TV shows, etc. which have a huge advantage over traditional television. When we talk about video content today, the OTT service covers a wide range of media. top ott platforms

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