Innovative Learning with Jodhpur National University

Posted by sophiasmith on October 26th, 2015

What do we mean by Innovation? What is Innovative learning? Yes, you are right in getting answers to these questions. By ‘Innovation’ I do mean birth of a new idea, method or technology and by ‘Innovative Learning’ I do mean a newness in the learning pattern. Now the question is why do we need such educational pattern? The answer to this question relies in the fact that we all love to explore new things in life. Same ways educational pattern with innovation or newness is more suggestive.

Jodhpur National University is a fine illustration of Innovative Teaching and Learning. It is one of leading university promoting innovative and extensive learning. It add vividness to human life. The University came into existence in 1998. Mr. Kamal Mehta laid the foundation stone of the University. He firmly believed that every person has a ‘diamond’ within, we need to discover it. We can discover this hidden potential by the means of innovative teaching. The founder of the University proposed an educational pattern which was a fine combination of Academics and Professional Studies. Multiskilling activities were promoted here.

The University got its affiliation from UGC, DEC, PCI, BCI, DCI, AICTE etc. There is a wide curriculum including almost all the subjects of great interest –Management and Technology, Law, Pharmacy, Dental Law, Applied Science, Computer Application, Education and Arts. Number of Certification and Diploma Courses are available too. There are Distance Education programs also.

Jodhpur National University promotes oriented research trend. Corporate training is combined with integrated education. The huge faculty of the University strive to create great intellectuals and professionals who can lead the world. They impart education according to the changing socio-economic world. There is dynamism in their teaching. They train their students for Nobel and Demanding profession of all sphere.

Few of the teaching pattern of this university is as such-

  1.        Theoretical teaching is followed by practical teaching.
  2.        There is regular interactions with the live professionals. They are invited as guest lecturer.
  3.        Seminars and Excursions are held at fixed intervals.
  4.        There are digital library to make teaching more effective.
  5.        Modern equipped labs, clinics and lecturer halls help to make teaching more interesting. OHP, Multimedia projectors, LCD and many other audio-visual aids are used.
  6.        For its Law students, moot court participation is also promoted

So, in a nutshell learning in this university is like a dream come true.


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