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Posted by harryjoy on October 27th, 2015

Masonic emblems are adhesive badges or logos that you can stick on various places of your vehicle to make it look more appealing. Though decking up your car with different accessories is an added cost, you can choose to upgrade its appearance by sticking some of the globally popular masonic emblems. Masonic is the symbol of freemasonry, a fraternal organization, originated from obscure origins in the late 16th to early 17th century. Nowadays, freemasonry exists in various forms all across the globe, with an estimated count of six million worldwide members. Members of the organization are generally known as Masons. The organization is based around equality, liberty and justice. One common thing in the organization is the age old symbolism of the medieval stonemason. These symbols include square and compass. They are said to stand for principals or brotherhood, relief and truth.

Masonic symbols consist of square and compass, which are the most identifiable symbols of freemasonry. Both the symbols are used in masonic rituals and emblems to teach the lessons to the members. They also represent the Masonic fraternity as a whole. The square and compasses symbols usually have a “G” in their center. In addition to this, some symbols are taken from the Blue Lodge rituals. These include level, beehive, plump and Volume of the Sacred Law.

Masonic symbols are largely used on various items, such as jewelry pieces, stickers, gifts items, books, watches, posters, etc. People usually buy these items to show their dedication to the organization. You can also buy masonic auto emblems for your vehicles. No matter whichever car model you have, these emblems are available in various sizes and designs to match every car. They can also be availed in customized text and images. Made from high quality metal, auto emblems are extremely durable. Moreover, they are finished with epoxy and clear coating. They have an adhesive back for easy application to the surface of the vehicles. The adhesive on the back will never damage the vehicle surface even after application or removal.

If you are looking to spruce up your car, an incredibly wide variety of classic and modern masonic emblems is available for sale. When visiting the market, you usually find a limited stock of masonic emblems. If they don’t match your style, you can look online to get easy access to an exclusive collection of emblems. Also, these emblems guarantee fine quality, exquisite finish, eye-catching look and cost-effective prices.

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