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Posted by Dr. Kashika Jain on May 28th, 2021

  • A child psychologist is not a new term, but many people do not know about what the job of a child psychologist is and what significant role they play in society.
  • It is necessary for parents that they should know about it. It is rewarding being parents that you should know about your child psychology, learning style, behavior pattern etc. and therefore, you can take decision accordingly.
  • Nowadays, due to work pressure on the parent, the role of a child psychologist is vital.
What is Child Psychology?
  • Child psychologists analyze children and adolescents to find out the cause and help resolve issues causing emotional or behavioral problems, such as attention seeker disorder, learning disabilities, anger and severe depression.
  • They also assess children pace of development, whether it is taking place at the right time or not.
  • Parents should know about their child development.
  • It mainly works with the mental health and conditions of children until the age of adolescents.
What Child Psychologist do?
  • Child Psychologist primarily works with children and conduct various test (related to behavior, learning style, plan research), and most of the time, engage in therapy sessions, individual counselling, family counselling.
  • A child psychologist takes training to administer tests that help in the assessment and diagnose disorders of children.
  • They deal with childhood development issues and suggest ways to control and eradicate problems.
Importance of Child Psychologist
Child psychologist plays a vital role in society. They benefit parents and children simultaneously.
  • They help children overcome learning disabilities easily.
  • Children emotions highly reflect the social development of children. They enable children to express their feelings positively.
  • Child psychologist makes parents and teachers understand the difference between healthy and abnormal behavior pattern. They also suggest the best ways to interact with the child.
  • They create better understanding between children and parents.
  • They can quickly identify the difference between healthy and abnormal behavior pattern, and help parents to cope up different ailments like learning disabilities, anxiety, anger etc.
  • They add value to the progress of the child.
  • They help a child in coming out of early childhood trauma.
  • Child psychologist creates a balance between emotional, social, cognitive development.
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