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Posted by Dr. Ketki Sapre on October 28th, 2015

Online medical consultation is a convenient resource for people who may not have the luxury of time to visit a doctor’s clinic or are simply too sick to leave home but want answers to their medical queries. Online resources that facilitate this kind of telemedicine service are also beneficial for those who only have limited health insurance or no coverage at all as they cost only a fraction of typical consultation fees. People who are always on the go and can’t carve out time to travel to the nearest doctor’s clinic or center can also take advantage of the convenience that online consultation brings.

You don’t have to pay too much and make repeat visits to your doctor’s office just to receive basic medical care for acute and common conditions like sinusitis, athlete’s foot, and other simple illnesses. With online consultation, you can conveniently address these fairly simple conditions and make sure you are in optimum health while bypassing the cost and hassle of repeat clinic visits.

Online doctors also serve as a safe, discreet refuge for those who might be embarrassed by certain medical conditions or too scared to meet face to face with a practitioner. Online medical facilities of today can offer many of the services that regular clinics and doctor’s   offices provide at far cheaper rates and with the added bonus of bringing services conveniently via phone or the internet. This means consultations can be performed whenever it is convenient and wherever you can find internet access, although hours can also be subject to the online facility’s policies. Most of the time however, people are able to eliminate the hassle of waiting in line and risking contacting other diseases in waiting rooms while waiting for a scheduled appointment.

However, online consultation should never replace actual visits to your physician, especially when you have more serious conditions that you need advice about. When extensive physical examinations are required, make sure to follow your doctor’s advice to visit a proper clinic, hospital, or diagnostic center so you can receive the care you need. Never sacrifice proper healthcare for convenience and some savings lest you want to end up with a more damaging condition that could have been prevented had you followed your doctor’s orders for treatment. Just the same, online consultations are ideal if you want to get immediate answers to medical questions that you may have.

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This article was written by Dr. Ketki Sapre who works at MediAngels as marketing manager.

MediAngels is the world’s first online hospital in India. We provide access to the best medical expertise and have about 400+ super specialist doctors on our panel, who belong to 93 specialties. Visit our website for an online medical consultation, advice and diagnosis of various diseases. Get symptoms, treatment, causes and risk factors associated with the diseases online.

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