How to Choose the Right Eye Care Specialist in India

Posted by Dr. Ketki Sapre on October 28th, 2015

If you are starting to have problems with your vision, it is high time that you consider visiting an eye clinic or finding an eye care specialist who can help diagnose your condition and prescribe corrective or preventive treatments to help you regain or maintain the best state of your eyesight. People who have never been to an eye doctor often find it tricky to choose the right type of specialist for their needs. Eye doctors have many different specializations and if you don’t know where to start in your search, you can always get recommendations from your family physician or your child’s pediatrician who most likely have connections with the best eye doctors in your area. You may also ask family, friends, or even your coworkers for some good recommendations of eye care specialists they trust. Professional organizations are also great resources to find trusted names in your local area.

There are two general types of eye doctors: optometrists and ophthalmologists. Optometrists have the ability to diagnose and treat certain eye diseases and prescribe medication for them, but they don’t usually perform surgeries. However, optometrists can specialize in certain types of eye diseases and bring the focus of their practice towards these eye conditions.

Ophthalmologists on the other hand, treat all types of eye conditions, prescribe treatments and medications, and have the proper skills, training, and certification to perform surgery on patients’ eyes. They may also specialize in certain types and branches of ophthalmology to help people with particularly complex eye conditions.

To know which type of eye specialist is right for you, consider the type of treatment or care you need. A general exam can be performed by either an optometrist or an ophthalmologist, but more specific eye diseases are usually elevated to the care of the latter. In terms of fitting glass and contact lenses as well as educating you about your options regarding preventive and corrective eye care, optometrists are usually the go-to professionals.

People of all ages require proper eye care to ensure the best condition of their vision. Children, for instance, should have their eyes checked as part of regular pediatric visits. Regular vision screening should start as early as age 3. Older adults who are at an increased risk of developing eye issues should also see their ophthalmologist on a regular basis. Complete eye exams, for instance, should be done at least once every two years. Medical conditions that could affect your vision, such as diabetes also call for regular eye examinations to make sure that your eyesight isn’t being compromised.

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