How to Find a Neonatology Doctor in India: Getting Second Opinions

Posted by Dr. Ketki Sapre on October 28th, 2015

Everyone hopes for and expects a healthy newborn and because of this, few parents consider even the slight possibility that their child might be born premature or needing some kind of special medical attention and care right after birth. While no one ever wants to think ill things about a coming baby, it pays being informed about special care units that newborns might need should they be born with complex health issues that need immediate care. In fact, one out of nine mothers are not able to carry full term, leaving roughly 100,000 babies needing neonatal intensive care each year. Everyone wants a pregnancy and delivery to go smoothly, but when the unexpected occurs, it pays to know how you could find immediate care for your at-risk newborn. Here are some important questions to ask when seeking out neonatal care:

  • Find out how many babies are cared for in the facility’s NICU each year. As per studies, you can often expect better results in NICUs receiving larger numbers of young patients per year because they usually have complete facilities, equipment, and more extensive experience, research, knowledge, and tried and tested processes to ensure the best care possible.
  • Make sure the NICU is manned by trained pediatric medical as well as surgical specialists round-the-clock so you can be sure that someone with the right knowledge and training can attend to your child and respond immediately to their needs.
  • Choose a facility with a team of specially and extensively trained neonatology doctors and experts. A neonatologist is a specialized pediatrician who received additional training in the intensive care and treatment of newborns. He or she offers expertise particularly in the care of critically ill babies.
  • Find a facility with a dedicated high-risk OB team. Neonatologists often work closely with obstetricians to ensure holistic prenatal and postnatal care, especially for high risk deliveries.
  • Remember that not all NICUs can provide the same level of care for your child. Do extensive research about facilities with the right equipment, tools, skillsets, expertise, knowledge, and experience in similar or closely related cases as your child’s so you can have peace of mind that your infant is in good hands.
  • Choose a facility with the appropriate programs in place to ensure the right treatment for your child’s condition and avoid unnecessary tests, which can also take a toll on your young child’s body and overall health.

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