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Posted by Aaeesha on October 28th, 2015

AngularJS is one the most popular front-end environment used a lot in the recent times. In 2009, Google developed this client-side JavaScript framework to act as an extension to traditional HTML by providing dynamic capabilities to it. Ever since its introduction in 2009, it is widely used in single page applications. AngularJS provides reusable components with the help of the directive feature. DOM manipulation is a primary feature which separates client from server. Enterprise level testing is also much easier to be performed due to its testable and injectable nature. AngularJS is used in companion with NodeJS to provide highly scalable and dynamic web applications.

It has gained wide popularity in the Indian market too. We can already see that several companies have redesigned their websites into responsive single page applications. With more and more companies opting for web applications, the demand for developers will keep rising with time. Hence, there is a lot of scope and requirement for these front-end developers. In order to support this growth, a lot of companies have started providing Angular.JS training in Bangalore. Most of the trainings are provided through online medium as it does not require the physical presence of the learners. Such trainings are primarily aimed at professionals who are already working in this field and wish to learn a new technology. For new learners, the traditional method of instructor-led learning is more preferable as it will encourage them to raise questions and involve in discussions. A basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript will be enough to learn AngularJS.

Shristi Technology Labs is one of the leading providers of online Angular.JS training inBangalore. Various videos and tutorials are available online to learn AngularJS. These tutorials vary from describing the basics of AngularJS to using advanced functionalities. With online tutorials the user has the ability to learn at their own pace. The videos can be downloaded for offline viewing. This provides the advantage of watching the tutorials several times as and when required. This is something that is not possible with traditional classroom training. Basic tutorials are usually available for free. The pricing for advanced tutorials vary depending upon the provider. Some of the best AngularJS tutorials can be found at shrishtitechlabs.com. With such facilities available online, it is easy to learn AngularJS to help boost your career. Earning a certificate on AngularJS is definitely recommended to both fresher and employed professionals looking for a change in career.

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