Eminent Domain: Protecting Your Property Rights in California

Posted by jackeric on October 28th, 2015

As a leading Eminent Domain Attorney operating across the state of California with offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento Tim Kassouni talks about serving clients:

“Kassouni Law sees it as our professional privilege to be able to help
Californians facing eminent domain acquire just compensation for
property takings –a right ensured by the U.S. Constituion.”

Why You Might Need An Eminent Domain Attorney

When the government needs land for a “public use” it initiates its power of eminent domain. In taking private land for a public purpose it is required to give the property owner “just compensation” for the taking of said land. An Eminent Domain Attorney is an attorney versed in Constitutional property rights and either advocates to stop eminent domain proceedings or helps navigate clients through the process of eminent domain, posturing property owners for the best possible outcome.

Many Californians faced with the eminent domain process themselves like to think that the federal government has their best interests at heart. Sadly however, this is rarely if ever the case. Rather, the sole objective of condemning agencies tasked with procuring properties is to acquire such properties as cheaply as possible. Independent property valuation and retaining an experienced eminent domain attorney is therefore essential for anyone serious about protecting their own best interests.

Superior Eminent Domain Attorney Services

With offices in Sacramento and Los Angeles, Kassouni Law eminent domain attorneys help guide Californians through the often complex eminent domain process; while protecting the rights of property and business owners from attempts by the federal government to undervalue property.

The Sacramento and Los Angeles eminent domain attorneys at Kassouni Law practice exclusively on behalf of citizens and private business, never respresenting government entities, as this, while common at many eminent domain law firms, is a conflict of interest. Kassouni Law’s preeminent land use team has set legal precedents throughout California changing law to favor the Constitutional property rights of citizens.

Why Choose Kassouni Law For Your Eminent Domain Attorney Needs?

Kassouni Law is just as committed to protecting citizens’ constitutional property rights as it is in protecting individual personal freedoms. Faced with the threat of the eminent domain process, don’t hesitate to contact Kassouni Law either toll free 877-770-7379, or by email at: timothy@kassounilaw.com.

To know more information, visit the website - www.kassounilaw.com

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