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Posted by Mathew Corper on October 28th, 2015

60 minute presentations, sales pitches showing you all the wonderful years of vacations that you stand to gain and then finally the pressure of signing that dotted line – this is how timeshares are sold the world over. Maybe you don’t get swept up with the sales pitch, maybe you do – either way here are some things that you must go over before you sign that Timeshare contract.

Read the entire document

It maybe pages and pages long, but this is the first and most important thing that you need to do. The sales representative may use various pressure tactics to get you to sign on the spot – DO NOT. Remember that the sales guy is just trying to guarantee a sale. Take the document home and read it word for word – there is no section that is not important. Every Timeshare contract comes with a public disclosure clause or a public offering statement. Read that carefully. If you have the time, get your lawyer to look over it as well.

What are your exit options?

The euphoria of having a vacation week in a great location every year may sound enticing and very exiting in the beginning and you may think that you will keep your timeshare for as long as your contract allows, but things maybe different a few years down the line and you need to factor that in. What happens if you cannot or do not want to use your timeshare anymore? Does your contract offer a ‘cancel timeshare’ option? If it does, do you get a refund? Or can you sell / donate / transfer your timeshare to another person? What are the property rules for scenarios like these? Many timeshare owners make the mistake of not clarifying these points before signing their contracts and this often leaves them stuck or struggling to get rid of their timeshares when they no longer have use for them.

Verify verbal promises

Timeshare agents make great promises when they talk to you. Most of these promises cannot be fulfilled. Therefore, if you have been promised anything verbally, get it in writing too. You must have complete clarity on every aspect of your contract, from your Timeshare fees, to vacation weeks, accommodation entitlement, cancellations etc. If you find that you cannot understand certain aspects of the contract it would be advisable to get clarity from a timeshare attorney as opposed to the property representative as you will get an unbiased opinion.

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