Geniux Brain Boost Review: The Real Thing or a SCAM?

Posted by daily reviews925 on October 28th, 2015

After realizing there is a way to improve your concentration and in general the way your brain works with the right supplement I have been on a mission to find one that is effective which has led me to Geniux Brain Boost. I have tried and failed with many in the past seeing little to no results and my pocketbook lighter by at least another 0 as it turns out these supplements are quite expensive. I had been skeptical in the beginning when I first started looking for the right supplement and writing reviews of my search, after reading into it I started getting more and more confident that I’ll find something, and at this point I am back to square one skeptical as ever. As it turns out it’s just the newest hit on the online market and many scam websites and companies have jumped on the train trying to make a quick buck from unsuspecting buyers.

This has gradually made my search more and more tiring as not only were my reviews leading me nowhere but it has come to the point where I am having a hard time picking out websites and products which actually look genuine. Turns out more than half are actually scams. This supplement caught my eye as it has an option to buy the bottle straight rather than through a membership and its price is surprisingly low.

What is Geniux Brain Boost?


Well, here we can argue a bit as honestly the website was far from impressive. Not because it wasn’t visually attractive for me or that it didn’t provide some useful information about the benefits and in general why you may need their supplement but rather because it looks almost identical to several other websites I have visited. This to me is a problem as it shows that they have not put forth too much effort which leads me to believe that they may not be around for long. This again, is an observation, and I am still holding some hope that it will be effective.

What they claim that their supplement will be able to do is help give you a clearer mental vision while increasing your concentration and focus. It will also help boost your energy and improve your short term memory while increasing your long term memory drastically. They claim that Geniux Brain Boost will help continually increase the performance of your brain. These all sound like great benefits but in general nearly all websites offering similar products have claimed this in the past but have failed to deliver.

What disappointed me greatly was the fact that they provide absolutely no information about the ingredients in the supplement. At the very bottom of the page you are provided with a link which leads you to a pop-up page with a list of studies and citations for the product. These studies and citations however are not of the product in itself but rather the ingredients, on their own or in combination with other ingredients. This sounds great but doesn’t provide much information as to exactly which ingredients are in the supplement, thus making this information useless as I cannot research exactly which really are effective and which studies have shown less than impressive results. This was my very first and hopefully only disappointment with the website and the product.

Why do you Experience Loss of Brain Power?

I really liked that they provided this section as it helps you better understand that this is perfectly normal and that you are not the only one experiencing it. They discuss that as early as 20 years of age we begin to experience a steady loss of brain power which includes a number of issues such as:

Loss of memory


Bad concentration

No motivation

Very low energy

Inability to perform mentally

As it turns out between the ages of about 25 when this loss of sharpness and in general brain power begins to about the age of 70 we lose about 60% of our mental focus. This is because the brain begins to lose its sharpness anywhere between the ages of 20 and 30. There are many things that affect this process and though there is a way to try and slow it down and perhaps reverse it slightly it is tedious as it requires a special “brain” diet. The other option is to take a supplement, one such as Geniux Brain Boost, as per the official website....

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