Dr. Daniel Imperato: Foreign Affairs UN Representative

Posted by Daniel Imperato on May 28th, 2021

With hands-on global experience, Dr. Daniel Imperato is a diplomat, strategist and foreign affairs expert. He knows the world like the back of his hand and that pays for itself many times over.

Dr. Daniel Imperato

He has an amazing journey through the times. Dr. Daniel Imperato was born to Italian and Lithuanian immigrants in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1958. His family was humble, conservative, and hard working. And lived with honor and integrity in military-style. 

The Journey

As a responsible global citizen, Dr. Daniel Imperato has done many things to make this world a better place. He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the Papal Knight, Knight of Malta, the Grand Priorate of Orden Bonaria, Foreign Affairs Humanities, Inter-Religious Dialogue, and more.

Grand Priorate - Orden Bonaria

Orden Bonaria is a humanitarian organization. It is officially recognized by the United Nations and several other countries across the world. Established in the early 13th century, it is one of the longest-running global organizations. The organization enacted its constitution in 1908 and has been affiliated with the Order.

The Grand Priory jurisdiction of Orden Bonaria covering the USA, Canada, and States of South & Central America entitles Dr. Daniel Imperato as the foreign affairs representative to the United Nations.  

Knight of Malta - Coptic Order 

The Knight of Malta is a Roman Catholic Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and Malta. Without possessing any territory, it is an entity of international law maintaining diplomatic relations with numerous countries.

This order is bestowed on Dr. Daniel Imperato and is largely focused on providing humanitarian assistance. And maintaining humanitarian relations worldwide. The Knight of Malta has been granted permanent observer status at the United Nations General Assembly since 1994.

Foreign Affairs - Inter-Religious Dialogue

This honor involves promoting understanding between different religions. It is distinct from syncretism and does not propose an alternative religion, but is meant to increase acceptance of other beliefs. Dr. Daniel Imperato is a Paraclete to the global human community and is well qualified for promoting interreligious dialogue.   

As a foreign affairs UN representative, Dr. Daniel Imperato traveled to the Middle East in 2008 to understand US relations with an idea to create a peace plan. Dr. Imperato says that the “East and West can live together as long as there is mutual respect, understanding, and most importantly trust between the two”.

Other Awards & Honors

  • Papal Knight - Vatican City State
  • Knight & Friar Orden Bonaria, Madrid, Spain
  • Orden Bonaria, Argentina
  • Minister Common Treasury, Orden Bonaria
  • Latin American Christian Association, NYC
  • New York State Regional Police Chaplain, NYC
  • African Center Foundation Board Member - Nigeria
  • And More

Independent Political Constitutionalist

Dr. Daniel Imperato is an independent political constitutionalist. He is a humanitarian, a pro se litigator for humanity (amicus) having expertise in foreign affairs. His knowledge of foreign affairs and working around the globe is invaluable. Dr. Imperato’s political lobbying experience is extensively sought by governments worldwide for policies, licensing requirements, and/or political support.

Dr. Daniel Imperato sets the stage. He is the recipient of an honorary doctorate in foreign affairs, inter-religious dialogue, and humanities. Dr. Imperato is well equipped with a certain set of particular skills that separate him from the rest. He is an expert investigator, a special agent advisor, and a master negotiator advising many global organizations on foreign affairs. 

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