Check out the Most Haunted Places in Azeroth and the Whole World of Warcraft

Posted by goldsafe21 on October 29th, 2015

In previous post, Safewow has just introduced Headless Horseman and varying spooky suppliers in Hallow’s End for World of Warcraft, which brings you to some scariest location in Azeroth. However, except for Azeroth, there are many places where the passed people still inhabit the world of the living, unable to forward to the afterlife. Check out those spooky haunted places in Azeroth, and the whole WoW if you have a thirst for curiosity.

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Four frightening and bizarre places in Azeroth

1. Tirisfal Glades: Located on the northern coast of Lordaeron, the eerie Tirisfal Glades always happens to be most haunting and bizarre occurrences. Here, you will see a ring of ghostly white mushrooms sits in the Whispering Forest, and witness to faerie dragons perform a haunting song that will linger with you long after you leave. Besides, at Ruins of Lordaeron lies the Throne Room, where you’ll find traces of the blood of King Terenas Menethil and hear the echoes of time whisper to you the occurrences of that fateful day.
2. Deadwind Pass: Here you will hear the ceaseless winds of Deadwind Pass that carry the sounds of creeks, howls, screeches and all manner of hair raising emanations. The faint sound of a heartbeat would make you scared to forward, but the unknown power just push you over the edge of sanity.
3. Elwynn Forest: Elwynn Forest seems like a piece place, but even this place has its share of secrets. The Stormwind Barber Shop shows all weird happenings. You never know what stuff is at the back of the room, and what remains beneath the floorboards. In the scared Goldshire Inn, you can hear all strange noises, screams, and even the voice of the dark god C’thun himself.
4. Blasted Lands: High above the Shattered landing, there is strange and mysterious ritual. There are four skeletal sitting with jars at hand. You never know whether their ritual was successful or what was the means of their demise.

eir Prince left them to die. They wander the shores as if they were still alive, until Orik Trueheart helps redeem them.

These are just a very few of the places that filled with haunted souls in Azeroth and the whole world of warcraft. The curious and brave people may want to make the journey, but don’t forget to buy cheap wow gold on Safewow for help!

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