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Posted by jackeric on October 29th, 2015

Since 1976 the Californian Coastal Commission has become one of the most powerful regulating entities on the west coast, but is the Californian Coastal Commission routinely over stepping its legal purview? Moreover, if so and if you are a victim yourself of such oversteps, do you know which Californian Coastal Commission lawyers can most competently represent your best interests?

Kassouni Law: California Coastal Commission Lawyers & You

For 40 years the Californian Coastal Commission has acted as an umbrella organization purportedly safeguarding 1,100 miles of Californian coastline and 1.5 million acres of land in the form of short and long term conservation and resource management strategies. Increasingly however, Californian citizens are forced to engage with Californian Coastal Commission lawyers in order to fend off everything from outright land grabs by the Californian Coastal Commission, to coastal ‘disturbance’ charges brought against people on trumped up charges of development without a permit.

For the most part then, people usually find themselves in need of Californian Coastal Commission lawyers services, when planning on carrying out even minor property developments. Any and all development on properties falling under the jurisdiction of the Californian Coastal Commission after all, is usually met with everything from flat out development permit refusals, to archaic conditions imposed on the future usage of parts of properties. In fact, despite being ruled as extortion in the late 1980’s, the Californian Coastal Commission regularly attempts to have property owners surrender parts of properties to the Californian Coastal Commission in return for development permits being issued in the first place.

Choosing California Coastal Commission Lawyers to represent Your Best Interests

At Kassouni Law, California Coastal Commission lawyer Timothy Kassouni has over 20 years experience defending Californian citizens constitutional property rights against such oversteps by the Californian Coastal Commission. Moreover, it is important to note that whilst other Californian Coastal Commission lawyers profess to have similar levels of experience, Kassouni Law ensures that cases will be given full and undivided professional attention, not passed on to clerks or junior partners.

In this case, if you are worried about how the Californian Coastal Commission might affect development plans which you have for your own property, make sure to contact Kassouni Law today either by telephoning us toll free on tel: 877-770-7379, or by contacting us via email at :timothy@kassounilaw.com. The team can tailor a personalized and cost-effective legal strategy from coastal development project inception for optimal results.

To know more information, visit the website - www.kassounilaw.com

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