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Posted by jackeric on October 29th, 2015

In these days of increasingly tight regulations land use attorneys are more necessary than ever. Businesses and homeowners are caught between the Scylla of environmental regulations and the Charybdis of zoning restrictions. It is exceedingly difficult to use your land in the manner in which you choose, especially in an area like Los Angeles where social politics are used repeatedly to undermine Constitutional property rights. Land use lawyers in Los Angeles are required for anyone attempting to develop property in this region.

When you are buying property for a residential or commercial purpose, your real estate agent or broker will do their best to guide you in accordance with their understanding of the laws and zoning restrictions of that area. In every city, specific zones are assigned by the government for residential and commercial buildings, and even within those zones there are applicable state and federal statutes that may also apply. Therefore, it becomes important for businesses or individuals purchasing land to develop either for commercial or residential purposes, to be certain as to what they can legally do with the property they will be acquiring. If a development project is cited in LA, land use lawyers in Los Angeles who are versed in local codes and Los Angeles City ordinances review the various codes and restrictions governing use so that you don't have to worry that your plans will be rejected after you've made a large investment. Los Angeles land use attorneys also protect you from any challenges to your construction and permits associated with the construction should a particular group want to impede on your legal rights after you've started.

A competent land use lawyer with knowledge of Los Angeles land use law can efficiently guide you in all of the zoning regulations and even write a plan to point out nuances regarding how neighborhood defines uniformity to achieve zoning variances in some cases. Our goal as land use lawyers is essentially to help you find land for use, insure return on your investment, protect your property rights from groups who might infringe, and to help you fulfill your dreams of land ownership.

Laws and regulations can be abused and are, but you still have rights and property ownership is all part of the American dream—a dream you deserve. If you have a question about your Constitutional property rights and wish to consult a Sacramento or Los Angeles land use lawyer, consider calling Kassouni Law at 877-770-7379. Land use lawyer Timothy Kassouni will speak with you personally.

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