An Alternate Approach to Buying Timeshare

Posted by Mathew Corper on October 29th, 2015

If you’d like to buy a timeshare in Canada, sitting through long presentations and buying premium memberships is not the only option. You can still get all the benefits of a timeshare with a cheaper option - Resale Timeshares for Sale Canada. You read right! Like most things, timeshares can be resold too. You just need to know where to look and this article will help.

Decide on the type

Before you begin looking for Cheap Timeshares for Sale Canada, decide on the kind of timeshare that you would like to own. The options available to you are deeded or ‘right to use’. The deeded option gives you ownership rights albeit a fraction. ‘The right to use’ option allows you to use a particular property for a particular period in a year. This usually costs ‘x’ number of points – the number depends on the type of accommodation and the time of the year.

Pick a resort

Now that you have decided on the type of timeshare, start looking at the various resorts. Pick one that offers you the most benefits. Remember, picking a resort does not mean that you will need to visit that resort only. Most resorts / properties are part of a larger group that allows you to choose your vacation time from any property in that group. Therefore when you are looking for a Timeshare Resale Canada you will want to look up the connected properties as well. You need to view the whole picture before you decide.

Browse and compare

The internet is a haven when it comes to Timeshare Resale Canada – so start browsing. There are thousands of sites that offer timeshare resale all over the world. With this variety however, comes a caution – fraudulent sites. There are plenty of these offering timeshare resale as well – be vary. You must check out the company that you buy from before you actually make a purchase. Check customer reviews, ensure that they are a legit company and try and interact with some of the customers.

Get legal advice

This is important. There are too many instances where timeshare owners have been misled while making a purchase – do not be one of them. Get a timeshare attorney involved from the beginning if you can. Let them go over the legalities of the purchase documents and contracts etc. This may seem like an additional expense in the beginning but it will save you a lot of stress, time, energy and money later if you decide that the timeshare concept is not for you.

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