Foreign companies flourish better in the UAE and Abu Dhabi

Posted by sunainaram on October 29th, 2015

When it comes to entering the business industry in the UAE, the rules are not that easy to trespass and go in. The foreign companies definitely get a good share of profits and a very good sales turnover. The initial registration process may take time for sure but then once all the approvals are done, it is a breeze for the companies to set up business and to succeed in the UAE free zones.

Any foreign enterprise that has got the license to operate and commence business in the Free Zones gets a lot of advantages as well. The profits are tax free and so all the share belongs to them alone. There is a lot of relaxation with respect to abiding by the policies that is exclusively for those operating in the UAE free zones. The benefit of being in this part of the world is the extensive possibility of growth and also to get a lot of profits because of the welcoming market in here. People are receptive to new products and services when they find that it will be beneficial. This would be a good thing for the companies to get good profits in the long run. This is why many business enterprises wish to have a presence in the UAE to reap amazing profits.

When it comes to PRO services in Abu Dhabi, there are a lot of tasks that they do while helping companies in the various free zone areas with their paper works and approvals from the ministry. The jobs include Company registration with Department of Naturalization and Residency, amending or renewing commercial licences with the Department of Economic Development and Ministry of Economy, Arranging newspaper advertisements, Cancellation of commercial licences on valid grounds, Work Permit applications, amendments and cancellations, Health insurance applications and renewals, arranging newspaper advertisements, Amending or renewing membership with Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Visa renewal application.

The other services that are most often provided by the PRO services in Abu Dhabi includes Obtaining pre-approval of documents with Notary Public, Applying for contractor or consultant classification, Arranging for Arabic Employer letters, Obtaining pre-approval of documents with Notary Public, Visa applications for maids and other domestic staff, Residence Visa applications and cancellations, Authentication of foreign documents at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice, Obtaining liquor licences for non-Muslims, Certificate attestation, Obtaining and renewing driving licences. These are some of the many services that usually help in big companies relax and get their business rolling on smoothly .

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