Reasons To Consider Handicare Stairlift Repair In Drexel Hill And Broomall

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on May 28th, 2021

It is usual for individuals to have reduced mobility with age. Many young people may suffer injuries on account of accidents and become disabled either temporarily or permanently. Accessing every part of the home becomes enormously challenging as a result. Using the staircase in such a situation is almost impossible, making the concerned individual remain home-bound. Installation of a stairlift can help in unprecedented ways for the person can now hope to climb up and down confidently without compromising on independence. Even a good-quality stairlift requires cleaning and proper maintenance to remain functional for years at a stretch. It becomes imperative to consider Acorn stairlift maintenance in Philadelphia and Broomall to enjoy the benefits without restraint.

One must think about keeping the mechanical device clean enough to ensure perfect functionality. Some of the excellent methods of doing so include:-

· Clearing the Track- It makes sense to closely check the track along with the side rails every day to notice the dust and debris that may have settled on it. Any obstruction within the track will cause the lift to stall or stop altogether. It is essential to remove all contaminants from both the track and its surrounding area to ensure smooth operation.

· Track Cleaning- It is time to think about cleaning the track once the dust, dirt, and debris are removed from it. There is no particular procedure involved here, though. One can do it without any trouble by wiping the entire track down from top to bottom. A duster or damp cloth will do the trick perfectly. Throwing or sprinkling water on the tracks is a strict no-no, however. This may cause it to corrode over time, putting the user at risk. It is also advisable to wipe the handrails and the seat and belts at the same time.

· Vacuuming- Professionals recommend using a vacuum cleaner to eliminate all pollutants and contaminants that accumulate at the side or behind the lift and its mechanical parts. It is most important to do so every week to ensure that the lift remains free to operate without any trouble.

One may also have to think about simple yet necessary maintenance in addition to cleaning. Some of the things that need to be done regularly include:-

· Lubrication- Every mechanical component needs proper lubrication for flawless operation. A stairlift is no exception either. Technicians advise lubricating the crevices and joints of the stairlift frequently, i.e., once in three months.

· No Unplugging- Sure, the device utilizes electricity, but it will not unplug it. Experts do not recommend unplugging it even when it is being cleaned. Leaving it unplugged for long is likely to drain the battery completely.

It is essential to contact the manufacturer or dealer for Handicare stairlift repair in Drexel Hill and Broomall when the stairlift fails to function correctly or begins to make weird noises on its way up and down.

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