Running shorts: The Most Popular Fits and Designs

Posted by AdrianRocker on October 29th, 2015

How fast and how long you can run might be directly proportional to the stamina you have built over time, but your tracks and tights do too have considerable inputs in that. There many kinds of running shorts, the ones that settle on the skin like a layer and others that flap against the limbs in a comfortable fit. Take a look at what options you have in design and fit. Though not all of them are unisex, nevertheless, they deserve to be in the list of considerations.  

Skin-fit Shorts: Nothing makes running more forceful than tight-fit running jacket and a pair of running shorts. Meant specially for women, they offer a flexible and smooth fit. Despite being form-fitting, they do not clasp the muscles. Their lithe rigged fibre grips the muscle amplifying the speed and power. The material they are designed are non-abrasive and non-irritant on the skin. The pants have a tight-fitting waistband with an alternate drawcord, in case the elastic is lost with use. The pants have scalloped trims over the sides with a centre back. The side pockets are of drop-in styles that can accommodate little this and that.

Split-Running Shorts: Made of moisture-wicking polyester material, these split-running shorts light and free fitting. They do not fit on the contour of the limbs and pelvis. Alternately, their stretchy spandex material offers good ventilation with the mesh backing. Perfectly breathable, these shorts are made with a special adaptive technology that keeps skin cool. The materials are also odour-free which makes it possible for the wearers to use them for long without worrying about catching the body odour. The upper back panel has perforations that allow easy ventilation. Adding to that, the mesh backing of the pants offers greater ability to breathe.

Ultra Shorts: These tracks are a little longer than the previous two. With an adjustable waistband backed with a drawcord system, these shorts are ultra light. With three pockets to accommodate your necessities, these shorts are made of moisture wicking material. The yoke panel has a mesh back and the inner part of the shorts have a mesh brief to it for greater breathing.

Icefill Shorts: This is particularly good for running because of its fabric that has an extra cooling effect. Light and breathable, the fabric can bring down the temperature to a minimum even when the wearer is practising rigorous physical exercise. Zip accessory pocket can hold a fair amount of articles in them. The shorts is particularly known to be yoga style, with a built-in brief.

Woven Overlay Shorts: This is a little fancier than the others because of the woven fabric overlay. Its flatlock seams make a different look possible without compromising the comfort factor. The shorts have a wide waistband which has maximum elasticity for a good grip and equal comfort.

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