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Posted by Bray Foss on May 29th, 2021

Working With a Remote Editor Working online is really advantageous for many people these days, especially for those who want flexible schedules and save on gas for work travel. If you are a publisher or writer working from home or running a blog for residual income, you will benefit from the help of an editor. Working with a remote editor is usually easy, but it is important that both parties - the writer and the editor - understand each other in order to attain the goals of the project. An online editor is not difficult to find. Just a quick Google search will allow you to locate tons of editors who are willing to work remotely. However, you should not just settle for the first few that come up in the search results. You need to know exactly what the reputation of the editor is, as well as the company he or she represents, and of course, the feedback of the previous clients. Once you have found the right online editor for the job, you need to make sure the following are achieved: Good Communication It is quite different when working with a remote editor. Sometimes, it can even be disadvantageous for the writer or the client due to restrictions in communication. However, if the client and editor both know the various means of communication they can use for the completion of the project, things will likely go well. Both the editor and the client should be open to communicating using whatever method possible, such as texting, emailing, or calling by phone or by any other means. This way, it will be easier for both parties to consult each other in case there are some clarifications and major changes to be made. Use of Reliable Technology As a client, you may use your trusted word processor and your online editor may use his. This is often practiced and is quite the traditional method of exchanging files between writers and editors. However, you two should be able to harness the power of technology, especially these days when there are already a lot of choices for you to use. For instance, to collaborate even better, you can use a piece of software that allows you to see the changes made by the editor. You two can also communicate from there and immediately accept or reject the modifications without using additional programs. Reasonable Editorial Rates Quality usually comes with a price. Many writers believe that an editor who charges higher than his contemporaries can provide very good quality results. While price does come with advantages, there is no reason to believe that the ones that offer lower prices will not be able to offer better results. In fact, the best way for you to know whether or not a particular editing service can be trusted is not through the cost, but the feedback of the previous clients. Working with a remote editor should be comfortable and should free you from any stress related to the completion of the document. Many writers who work with editors online publish their work in magazines, newspapers, or books. However, this does not mean you should not hire an editor when you publish your work online. In fact, even if many readers simply skim and scan content online, they are often quick at finding mistakes. When they find these mistakes, expect them to remember only the blunders and not mind the good that comes with your offered information. Remote Developer Jobs Online

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