How You and Organic Farmers Support the Clean Beauty Industry

Posted by Juice Beauty on May 29th, 2021

Pursuing wellness in all aspects of life may allow you to see the value in USDA Certified Organic labels in and outside of the kitchen. One of the most important areas to look for products with organic key ingredients is in your skincare routine.

The organic farmers who partner with cleaner skincare brands work hard to produce organic ingredients for high-quality products. These products can be safer and more effective than conventional skincare with potentially harsh ingredients. As someone who sees the value in organic products and key organic skincare ingredients, you might not find it difficult to believe that it’s easy to support organic farms and use effective, high-quality skincare products at the same time.

USDA Certified Organic Standards

Organic refers to the way farmers are growing their products. When organic food is produced, it’s based on a farming system that replenishes the soil without synthetic pesticides or fertilizer. The result is minimally processed food without artificial additives, but this information just barely scratches the surface of everything that goes into producing an organic skincare ingredient.

When a product gets a USDA Certified Organic label, it meets some stringent regulations for food-grade products and skincare products (or a food-grade skincare product). The process requires more labor and management, so organic farming practices are usually done on a smaller scale.

Your Skin Can Absorb What You Put On It

Your skin can absorb a decent percentage of whatever you put on it, including your skincare and beauty products. For this reason, you should prioritize using products that limit the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. There are skincare brands that partner with American organic farmers to get organic botanical ingredients for their high-quality skincare formulas. You can find USDA Organic treatment oil, USDA Organic facial wash, and USDA Organic lip balms that work to support your skin with key organic skin care ingredients.

Antioxidant-Rich Skincare and Plant-Based Makeup

Investing in a USDA Certified Organic skincare product or skincare with key USDA Certified Organic skincare ingredients could provide your skin with plenty of nutritional support. There are higher levels of antioxidants in organic fruit when compared to non-organic fruit, and they can be put to good use in your skincare routine. The antioxidants in organic fruit can help defend your skin against damage from free radicals so that you can maintain a radiant-looking complexion. If a skincare product features an organic botanical juice base, it may work even better than conventional products that often contain water or other less-than-beneficial fillers.

When you want to incorporate wellness into all aspects of your life, it’s essential to support the industries that can make it possible. Spread the word about organic skin care products and high-quality skincare products with organic key ingredients. Organic farms can be a huge part of the beauty industry’s evolution. With skincare and beauty brands promoting organic key ingredients, you have a chance to take better care of your skin, your health, and the environment.

About Juice Beauty

As a pioneer of the clean beauty movement, Juice Beauty is passionate about effective skincare and makeup products made with organic key ingredients. Juice Beauty’s antioxidant-rich skincare and plant-based makeup continue to offer a solution to conventional products. The award-winning beauty brand is committed to approaching beauty from a wellness point of view and challenging the status quo. Juice Beauty was founded on the premise that a vitamin-rich, organic botanical juice base is more effective than petroleum derivatives or water. Their key ingredients come from sustainable, organic farms and meet rigorous Product Organic Farming standards. Best of all, the brand offers products for every step of your routine, including cleansers, moisturizers, foundations, CC cream, brightening eye cream, and much more.

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