3 Fine Jewelry Trends to Pay Attention to

Posted by Verlas on May 29th, 2021

Trends come and go, but fine jewelry has a few long-lasting ones that are here to stay. Today, people care more about the quality of the materials in their jewelry and their origins, choosing to seek out a diamond pendant that features only ethically sourced diamonds, for example. Many are also choosing to purchase online, wanting custom jewelry options and programs that let them try on pieces from the comfort of their home before making the final purchase. It’s time to stay in the know and discover fine jewelry that’s both current and gorgeous.

Trend No. 1: Custom Jewelry Options

The demand for personalization continues to grow, and diamond custom jewelry options can help you select pieces that match you and your style best. Seek out a fine jewelry company that lets you choose elements like the total carat weight, diamond clarity, and metal color along with personal, complimentary engraving for a sentimental touch.

Whatever you choose, be sure that the company offers designer-quality fine jewelry. The best brands will feature high-quality images online, 3D viewing options, and a convenient program where you can try on replicas from the comfort of your home to make sure your fine jewelry is truly perfect. It’s also crucial to purchase from a brand that’s transparent about their pricing and processes to avoid excessive designer markups. The very best brands will offer custom jewelry options that allow you to work with a budget.

Trend No. 2: Quality Over Quantity

Many are realizing that it’s better to invest in high-quality fine jewelry that can be forever-lasting for a collection that’s enduring and able to transition into heirlooms. This means that the brand you purchase from should use ethically sourced diamonds and top-tier precious metals. Your fine jewelry should also be thoughtfully designed for a perfect fit. There should be a thorough process and RJC certification to ensure the final styles are above and beyond in every way.

Trend No. 3: Treat Yourself

While there’s nothing wrong with dropping subtle—or not-so-subtle—hints, when it comes to fine jewelry, you can also simply treat yourself to whatever piece you’ve been eyeing.

Seek out a company that offers a wide selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings so you can find the ones that match your design preferences and style best. Who said every diamond ring has to be an engagement ring? Or that you should wear just one? Stack them to make a statement and pair them with your daily tennis bracelet. Treat yourself to small hoop earrings or consider a brand that makes it easy to drop a clear hint when you want to share the pieces you are eyeing most right now.

About Verlas

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