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Dr. Liaqat Malik reviews | #DrliaqatMalikReviews: How a Socially Relevant Global

Posted by AdminLiaqatMalik on October 30th, 2015

What does it take to rise above humble beginnings and create a global communications empire? Dr. Liaqat Malik is a pioneer who blazed his own trail to reach the pinnacle of success, inspiring many along the way.

The Early Years

Although Dr. Liaqat Malik family | #DrliaqatMalikFamily migrated to the UK, they never lost sight of their cultural identity. Gifted with a flair for legal matters, the young Liaqat Malik pursued extensive studies in law that culminated in him earning a PhD in Public Law. A man with varied interests, he worked as a lecturer and examiner in various UK universities and is now the chairman of an educational establishment. But what set him apart from his peers are his exemplary entrepreneurship abilities that helped him achieve phenomenal success in the fields of law, education, social media and communication.

Strong Desire to Serve

Through all his successful ventures, Dr. Liaqat Malik Manchester | #DrliaqatMalikManchester was driven by a strong sense of responsibility towards his fellow Pakistani immigrants. His aim is to provide them with inputs that will help them to flourish in their chosen fields. With interests in diverse portfolios, Dr Malik has the skills to take tactical decisions and manage diverse ventures in the direction of success while empowering the immigrant community.

Building a Communication Brand                      

DM Digital is a creation of his that helped him reach out to the South Asian community across the world. The network has some of the largest free to air channels and is now a global brand to reckon with. With a spate of programming including entertainment packages, educational programs, current affairs channels and religious output, it plays a vital role in enabling South Asians develop strong roots to their cultural heritage. Programs in various languages such as English, Urdu, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Sindhi and Hindi, ensure that the network is relevant to the entire South Asian community and not just Pakistan.

Dynamic Content

When you undertake Dr. Liaqat Malik reviews | #DrliaqatMalikReviews, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that he takes a personal interest in developing relevant and useful content for the network. He provides free legal advice on matters relating to immigrant law, criminal law and public law on interesting live discussions. Current affairs programs help the South Asian community develop an awareness and opinion on matters affecting the world at large. The entertainment packages are exceptional, with music shows, movies and dramas to keep audiences entertained for hours.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Dr. Liaqat Malik | #DrliaqatMalik takes a keen interest in future prospects of all his business ventures, so expect him to scale greater heights of success in the days to come. 

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