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Posted by ricky26 on October 31st, 2015

The evolving technology solutions are changing the shape of the dairy industry across the globe and in a good way. Certainly, the advanced technologies have completely revolutionized the way farms and cattle are managed. Presently, there are a few companies that are solely dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing cutting edge software solutions to help farm owners in their daily dairy herd management. Such advanced herd management systems are beneficial in more ways than one. These hi-tech systems are designed to help dairy managers in improving milk productions, herd health and fertility conditions. No matter what is the size of the dairy, integrating dairy herd management system will enhance the decision making ability of farm managers with regard to the milk production, cattle behavior, health conditions, parlor equipment and nutrition and several more. The use of innovative solutions allows modern day farm owners to streamline dairy farming activities, which ultimately saves a lot of money and time.

At present, several different techniques are being employed to inseminate a large number of cows. One of the most popular techniques is Artificial Cow Insemination. Artificial Insemination, which is more often referred to as AI has now become one of the most preferred techniques for cattle reproduction. Being easier and less costly, this technique involves the collection of bull’s semen, which is then frozen and stored in a plastic tube called straw. To keep the semen viable, it is mixed with a type of cryo-protectant and antibiotics. Then recto vaginal technique is employed that requires the manual insertion of frozen semen into the cow.

Milking cows manually has become a thing of past. At present, farmers are harnessing the power of modern robotic milking machines to carry out daily milking of cows. Robotic milking machines use detection sensors. The robot attaches cups to cow’s teats and ensures that the cups have been attached perfectly. Every cow is made to wear an electronic tag that enables the machine to collect the cow’s data. These latest systems are powerful enough to keep a check on quality of milk. If your farm has some kind of robotic milking machines with Afimilk management system, then it is recommended to AfiLab to make the most of your automatic milking machines.

AfiLab can be defined as a pioneering real-time milk component analyzer that has been designed to measure fat, protein, lactose and blood of each cow individually. The tool can analyze milk when it flows through the sensor and keeps on collecting sensitive data of each cow in a proficient manner. AfiLab empowers farmers to make well-informed decisions as it helps them to acquire accurate and up-to-the-minute information. It ultimately helps farmers to enhance the quality and quantity of milk while eradicating problems related to feeding or health of the cow. You can get in touch with Afimilk to avail the cutting-edge solutions for milking parlors.

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