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France famous ring brand Guinness, the top ten France famous ring brand, France has always been a leader in fashion, the ring is that everyone can have a piece of jewelry, France also has a number of well-known trademark ring. Established in 1847, Cartier, fashion and elegant van Dee and many France rings brand is famous for. They all were a symbol of fashion, trends, representative of the pursuit of people all over the world. Occur jewelry network to introduce France famous brand rings.

1, Cartier

Founded in Paris in 1847, Louis-Francois Cartier took his teacher Adolphe Picard in Paris, Montorgueil Street jewellery workshop at 29th, Cartier brand was from this.

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2, Vincent van Gogh did

VENTI, adhering to the fashionable and romantic style, philosophy and brand concept, through the graceful, refined lines and a fashion inspiration, sophisticated, quality of creative works and inspire the public to think.


4, God Levin

Beautiful black gem a diamond: it is the beauty and wisdom of legendary high prices of luxury goods, not how the average person can afford.

5, Philippe Charriol

France Phillipe Charriol brand was established in 1983. Philippe Charriol (Charriol) is an internationally renowned fine watches. Jewelry designer, have very deep feelings about art, so art and culture combined with the goods.

6, derived

In 18th century France Orleans, this old family started the first mosaic ornaments and jewelry made of gold and silver, gradually as advocated by those days, France, princes of luxury goods in the community.

France famous brand ring

7, bachelor

A 150-year reputation of France famous advanced timing and Boucheron jewellery brand bachelor has been in fashion on the Bund, 18th opened the magnificent curtain. As GUCCI group, as GUCCI Group’s top jewelry brands, Boucheron, established in 1858, and its famous for its perfect cutting technology and the quality of gem quality.

8, leaving the United States

Chaucer is France Royal specified royal jewelry brand. Across the 2nd century still shows unparalleled bright light. Liens rings of precious raw ores and precious metals Chaumet image-laden fashion symbol.

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