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Offering a Jacuzzi, an outdoor pool and a swimming pool, Rainbow Resort Hotel is located in Beinan Township and is a five-minute walk from Jhiben Hot Spring. Located in Taitung City, just a short walk from Taitung Railway Station, Star 101 Guest House offers 3-star accommodation and complimentary Wi-Fi. It also provides a 24-hour reception, free bicycle rental and luggage storage. Of course, you’ll spot tons of monkeys-agile howler and spider monkeys and white-faced capuchins swinging through the dense rainforest canopy. This afternoon, venture back out on the canals to add to your wildlife tally or relax back at the lodge, the choice is yours. If you’re visiting during nesting season (Jul-Sep), choose 台東 伴手禮 to join an optional experience night walk with a naturalist guide to witness some of the world’s largest turtles laying their eggs. A morning boat transfer begins your journey to the Sarapiqui area. Tour a Pineapple Farm, owned by a local family, and learn about the history, cultivation, and industry of pineapples. The Country is known as “The Heart of Asia”, with majestic mountains, beautiful fresh water lakes and other natural landscapes as well as temples and bustling cities. This small island contains a world of contrasts and an infusion of cultural influences that you’re not likely to find in any other country. Come and join this fabulous 9 days trip and you will be surprised about the local delicacy, hospitality and unbeatable scenery Taiwan has to offer. The East Coast National Scenic Area, known as “Taiwan’s last unspoiled land”, stretches 170 kilometers down the east coast of the island. Though hotels may have air-conditioning as a listed amenity, the usage of air-conditioning is often not available at night or in the off-seasons (October–May). Nexus Holidays has no control over air-conditioning restrictions and regulations. Bookings made within 60 days of the departure date incur a late booking fee from 0 per person, and the booking must be paid in full immediately. Bookings made less than 90 days prior to departure must be deposited immediately and the balance must be paid in full within 7 working days of reservation. Photo by Jonathan GodoyI’m a theatre artist/playwright born and raised in Hawaiʻi, but now based in Los Angeles, California. I grew up in a very special district called Waiʻanae on the island of Oahu, specifically Lualualei, where Maui’s birth story takes place based on Hawaiian mythology. My creative expression is also stirred by thoughts that my great great great grandchildren will see my works one day. Above everything I try to centre our Moana family, our connections to land, ocean, lineages and how we have overcome, survived and continue to prosper. I do workshops in schools and in galleries to pass on what I have learned to the community and was awarded the Creative New Zealand Heritage Art Award, along with my daughter, Tui Emma Gillies, in 2018. As well as doing our own individual work, Tui and I often collaborate on projects. After breakfast transfer to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to catch your flight back to your sweet home. The coastal range is geographically unique and stunning in its beauty. The two main locations where we will stop over to enjoy such amazing view will be at Little Yeliu and Sansiantal. Upon arrival at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport , you will be greeted by our service guide who will transfer you to your accommodation. 9TAIPEI-AUSTRALIA You will be transferred to the airport to board your homebound flight. Today’s excursion brings you to mysterious, prehistoric Stonehenge. First, explore the visitor centre with its imaginative exhibitions, then take the shuttle to the stone circle and admire the magnificence of the monument up close. Following a scenic drive into the heart of the city, visit the Roman Baths, built nearly 2,000 years ago. Participants are not authorised to leave the group or forfeit any day or activities at any stage, unless prior consent is provided in writing by Nexus Holidays. Any unauthorised deviation is subject to penalties from 0 per person per day and Nexus Holidays shall not be responsible for any act or mishap thereafter. In the event of any partial or complete no show of the tour, flights or any other booking components, the booking shall be treated as a cancellation whereby the deposit and total booking cost are fully non-refundable. Nexus Holidays reserves the right to cancel any booking where payment is not received within specified deadlines. You will also visit Eluanbi Lighthouse which is one of the major attractions in the national park. This lighthouse is cylindrical shaped coloured in white and is also renowned as “the Light of East Asia” for its strong optical power of light that can reach 20 miles at most. Kenting Street is where visitors are offered with a complete selection of foods while embraced by enjoying a relaxing holiday ambience. In addition, fresh tropical fruits and seafood can also be found along the street. I started Sheenz accidently because I wanted to participate in a local fashion show called Pacific Fusion run by Nora Swann and her team. I needed a brand name quickly and a friend of mine suggested Sheenz because I only had a short time to decide I ran with it and here I am. Once a forgotten abandoned warehouse, this contemporary hub for art and design has become a destination for hip and cultured visitors to Taiwan. Popular exhibits have included 3D street art, automotive art, and even technological displays from gaming developers. In addition to artistic installations, music events and trade shows are also held in this unique space. Then visit Atomic Bomb Museum followed by Memorial Peace Park. They lie in the north-western part of the Phang Nga Bay, some 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) from the main land, amidst a group of a dozen of other islands. The island has a few caves and two sandy beaches, on the south western part and between the twin islands. The best view of the rocks and the bay is gained from a small path, which ascends steeply on the right of the beach at the place where the boats land. Numerous traders sell souvenirs on the beach and there are also some refreshment stalls. a hotly-anticipated arts and heritage complex in the restored Central Police Station. Today’s morning visit is toNagoya Castle, which was constructed by order of Tokugawa Shogunate in 1612. This castle is famous for shachihoko, a pair of golden fish ornaments nested on top of the castle roof. Bid farewell to Nagoya and travel to Kyoto to see the visually arrestingFushimi Inari Shrine. This shrine is most famous for its thousands of bright vermilion torii gates surrounded by a dense wooded forest. The shrine is dedicated to the Shinto god of rice and sake and features dozens of statues of foxes; foxes were once believed to be special messengers. Your last stop for today isUmeda Skygardenwhere you can settle down and catch a beautiful evening/night view of Osaka city. Recently I went on a trip to Hawaii to propose a project with friends around the primordial connection of our islands and in particular – the pacific triangle. The three points on that triangle are Aotearoa, Hawaii and Rapanui. I took three pounamu to Hawaii and planted them in three sacred sites there. My aim was to begin the revival of my own consciousness around the ancient sites that bind these three islands. My vision was that by reconnecting these sites a power of magnitude, would force a shift in consciousness. They also shared their vulnerability that fear of failing their family their village their nation their beloved ancestors.

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