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Posted by AxelPrice on November 1st, 2015

The culmination of supply chain management of every business is in safe reaching of the product to the customer. As a business owner, you have invested a lot in product design and manufacturing. Now it is time to decide on the final leg which is transportation. For small business owners it is not always prudent to invest in delivery vans. Rather, partnering with a logistic solution provider is a better alternative. Depending on the type of your business you can choose from small van hire London, minibus or tipper. If you are transporting perishable goods then fridge van hire London should be the best solution.

The transport arrangement you choose will depend on your business model. Some businesses need instant delivery where the despatch van has to make multiple trips in a day. If the delivery can wait for a day, then you can plan your logistic accordingly. Choose a small van hire London company as per your specific requirement if you do not want to load your overheads. Before taking the decision find out the credentials of the van hiring company. How long have they been in business? Do they have multiple options to cater to various needs? If you are working for pharmaceutical industry where certain merchandise requires minimum transit time, then the company should offer the option of fridge van hire London.

Choose a company that has earlier supplied similar vans to other clients. Positive testimonials are a proof of quality service. Avoid unscrupulous service providers who dish out rickety vehicles in response to your small van hire London need. That will only lead to frustration and you may even end up dissatisfying your own customers. Pick a van that will hold your load properly without causing any damage to the packaging. It is always better to discuss with the van hiring company regarding your exact requirement. For example, fridge van hire London should be available in different size so that neither do you have to overload your stuff in them nor do the vans run underutilised.

Flexibility is another criterion that should influence your decision regarding small van hire London. You may require the van for a week, a fortnight or more. The company should have different hiring plans so that the investment remains cost effective for you. If you are looking for fridge van hire London for an extended period of time, there should be concessions available. Enquire whether there are separate rates for weekend hires. An established company provides an all-inclusive rate that covers insurance, breakdown recovery and tax. Collect all relevant information and then make an informed decision.

Reputed van hiring companies would demand certain procedural formalities to be completed before you sign a deal. So, carry your driving license, address proof, debit or credit card and your insurance details. The normal EU license is adequate for small van hire London. Most vans are fitted with satellite navigation system as an added facility. When you think of fridge van hire London check out whether the vans have a back up chilling facility like a standby lead. When you seek professional service, choose the front runners in this industry and your own business will remain secured.

Depending on your business needs, opt for small van hire London or fridge van hire London from a reputable van hiring company instead of making outright purchase of the vehicle.

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