Abortion Pill Effectively Terminates Early Pregnancy

Posted by Joanna Lewis on November 2nd, 2015

A medical pregnancy termination at 4 to 9 weeks gestation can be achieve with administration of oral anti progesterone. The hormonal tablets shed uterine lining, and detach fetus from the same. To undo an intra-uterine fetal growth completely, the woman has to consume Mifepristone pill on the first day of abortion, and follow it with a dose of prostaglandin after 2 to 3 days. This medical regimen is approved by the U.S FDA, and has successfully assisted several females in meeting a safe end to an unwanted pregnancy.

Advantages of Medical Pregnancy Ending

Being a non-invasive procedure, pregnancy ending tablets can remove fetal remains gradually without surgery. The procedure takes about 14 to 16 days or more to complete. But, if women order abortion pill online for ceasing pregnancy, then there is no need of anesthesia, surgical equipments or strict observation by several doctors. On choosing an in-home process, if all precautions are being considered, the user also saves on hospitalization cost and doctor fee. Thus, the female has a great freedom of choice.

Working of the Abortion Tablets

The anti progesterone pill softens implantation lining in the uterus so that it sheds to detach the fertilized egg. The pregnancy gets discontinued, as cervix too dilates. In this phase, the user may already begin to bleed, but vaginal heavy bleeding is mostly seen when prostaglandin dose is taken. The latter dosage causes womb contractions, which evicts the pregnancy parts safely away from the womb. Before women buy Mifepristone online, they should make sure that the pregnancy is not ectopic, or choose a surgical method to get rid of the same than medicines.

Expectations during Pregnancy Ending

Heavy bleeding is expected once the fetus eviction begins, and mild bleeding/spotting can exist for 9 to 16 days or until the procedure is complete. After completion, the woman may still bleed lightly for a month or more. If the bleeding soaks through greater than two large sized thick sanitary napkins within a couple of hours, then the woman may consult a doctor about heavy bleeding. As uterus contracts, the female can experience abdominal crams (mild to moderate). The Mifepristone pill temporary side effects could be nausea, vomiting, headache, drowsiness, body pain, dizziness, tiredness diarrhea etc.

Things to Avoid Before and Latter to the Regimen

Do not take alcohol or smoke before consuming the medicines. Have a word with health professional, if using other medications or herbal supplements. The woman must not order abortion pill online, if allergic to the tablet ingredients. Avoid interacting agents like phenytoin, dexamethasone, Phenobarbital, St. John's Wort, erythromycin, grapefruit juice, rifampin, carbamazepine, itraconazole, and ketoconazole. Do not undertake any stress activities that tire out mentally and physically.

Restrictions of Use of Pregnancy Ending Tablets

Females who have crossed 12 weeks gestation or 35 years of age, or have intra-uterine contraceptive device not removed must not buy Mifepristone online to end their pregnancy. Similarly, those with extra uterine pregnancy should go for surgical termination. Those who are heavy alcoholics, with chronic adrenal failure, consuming blood thinning medicines, severe kidney/heart/live/mental illnesses, bleeding problem and chain smokers too must avoid using the medicine.

Clinical Visit Directions

If the female is unaware of exact gestational age, she can visit a relevant clinic to get womb ultrasound to know the pregnancy trimester. Similar test is required on completion of the medication course to reveal if pregnancy was ended or not. Abdominal cramping and vaginal bleeding are part of the process, but sometimes these signs may still depict that the pregnancy is continued than being evicted. Thus, it is best to consult a doctor on the 3rd and 14th day of taking pregnancy termination tablets to detect any possible complications.

Recovery Duration & Future Pregnancy

For menses to normalize, it takes 4 to 8 weeks or lesser period. During this duration, mild bleeding and spotting may be noticeable. The person must not have intercourse until recovering, as the cervix takes some time to regain strength again. It will also help to keep any possible infections and vaginal pain at bay. The scope of future pregnancy is not affected by the medications, and there is no worry of child deformity, infertility or miscarriage as well.

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