All You Need to Know about Cross Necklaces

Posted by Andrew Wilson on May 30th, 2021

A necklace with a cross pendant is in popular demand today especially for those with religious minds. It keeps God close to their heart as a stainless steel cross pendant symbolizes strength, faith, confidence, and trust in the Lord, Jesus Christ. There are cremation necklaces too made with cross pendants. Cross necklaces have also become a stylish accessory and are an integral part as it adds to your overall appearance.

Right Cross Necklace

The right cross necklace is neutral and is comfortable on your neck. It can be worn at all times and goes well with almost everything. If you choose a strong cross, it looks perfect with casual outfits or collared shirts as well. To get the perfect and natural fit, choose chains that fit below the collarbone. The right cross necklaces are more for regular use. There are many more variations one can choose from.

Types of Cross Necklaces

There is a wide range of necklaces you can choose for your man. If you want something less expensive, sterling silver or stainless steel cross pendant necklaces are the best options. Most men choose a cross pendant with a favorite verse from the Bible. Christian jewelry is the ideal gift for your man to make him feel special. If you have lost your loved one and are planning to keep their memories locked up in your heart, then the cremation necklaces can be designed as per your requirement. Cross pendant necklaces can be made out of silver or gold as well if you are not too keen on stainless steel. But, if you are choosing a reliable dealer, you won’t be disappointed as they use the best quality stainless steel material to make it more durable.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Necklaces

Stainless steel pendants are quite common nowadays as they are sturdy and can be worn regularly. When you use the best quality, there is no room for rust or discoloration. Some are made with a polished mirror finish that makes them look more stylish and elegant. 

How to Choose the Chain Length for a Cross Necklace?

Cross necklaces are available in different lengths and sizes. The ideal chain length should be 22 inches. It fits with the collarbone comfortably and perfectly. If you choose necklaces with cross pendants, you can increase one or two inches more to that. The thickness of the chain varies between thin, thick, and medium. A thick chain is the best when you opt for a plain necklace. The chain thickness for cross necklaces should be medium for the best fit. However, it also depends on the weight and height of a person. Therefore, you need to keep these important factors in mind while determining the chain length and size for cross necklaces.

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