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Posted by juanoliv3 on November 2nd, 2015

Choosing the right tiles for bathroom is the key to a successful bathroom renovation. While choosing your bathroom tiles you should keep one dream tile in mind around which you will develop the colour scheme for your bathroom. Your dream tile is typically your first choice. In almost all the cases you need to choose three different kinds of tiles – floor tiles, wall tiles and colourful accent tiles. Retailers of tiles offer wide range of each category of tiles. You can search for bathroom tiles Sydney in the showrooms in your locality or online portals. Apart from design, you can also choose from range of tiles of different material and of different raw material.

Choosing the right design of bathroom tiles Sydney is a unique way to show off your taste and personality. You can also experiment with patterns. You may use such patterns either throughout the bathroom or on a highlighted area. Focal point is usually the back wall of the shower where you should put these patterns to bring uniqueness. When you are planning for bathroom renovation for your children’s room, it is a great idea to use fun colours which they will surely love. It is also important to choose tile that will bounce around as much light as possible so that the bathroom looks bright and airy.

While choosing bathroom tiles Sydney, it is important to keep in mind the make or type of the tiles. For the tiles which will be used for wet areas in the bathroom, it is wise to go for ceramic or porcelain tiles which require very little maintenance. Bathroom tiles Sydney having texture or made of natural stones look quite beautiful but have lots of pours in it. These pours hold the dirt which is difficult to clean. So, it is better to use textured tiles on walls or in the areas of the floor which remain comparatively dry. You may also choose glass tiles that look very elegant but it is recommended not to use them on the floor as they are highly slippery.

It is also important to talk to your contractor whom you have engaged for bathroom renovation on certain aspect of maintenance of the tiles. This will be of real help while choosing your bathroom tiles Sydney and will prove beneficial in the long run. They may suggest you to go for larger tiles so that with less number of tiles the floor area can be covered and minimum amount of joints will be visible. This will also considerably minimize the amount of grout. More grout means more maintenance which will require lot of your time and efforts. However, smaller tiles are preferred alternatives if your bathroom has lot of curves as smaller tiles will fit in easily around such corners.

Buying bathroom tiles Sydney has become extremely easy as retailers display their collection on their website with other details like properties of tiles, prices and so on. The ranges are quite extensive and you will be spoilt for choice. If you want to touch and feel the tiles you may visit their showroom. So, take bathroom renovation as an opportunity to give your bathroom a new, exciting look.

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