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Posted by aimewolf on November 2nd, 2015

A personality test is associated with psychological studies where experts try to analyze the cognitive makeup of an individual. It reveals various aspects of a person’s character. But, a not so complex personality test can be carried out with the popular what animal are you quiz. It is based on the bestselling book “The Animal in You”. It is more of a fun quiz but throws some deep insights into our emotional behavior. In the test different weights are given to each of your responses and accordingly your dominant personality trait is equated with an animal. Hence the name what animal am I is very apt.

How is your personality compared to that of an animal? In the what animal am I test, the basic characteristic features of animals are classified into broad categories. Herbivores are sociable, sober and family oriented whereas carnivores tend to be loyal, courageous and adventurous. Within these broad categories of herbivores, carnivores, bird, insectivores, rodents and reptiles – most common animals can be classified. The result of what animal are you quiz will determine which category of animal you bear maximum similarity with in terms of behavior. The test result will reflect the name of that animal. You will also be provided a detailed description of how your character has been analyzed and the similarities derived.

You will enjoy reading how your character is compared to that of an animal and will be pleasantly surprised when you find the similarities. Humans and animals both are inherent part of nature and thus it is not amazing that basic traits like loyalty, courage, shyness etc. are common for both. In the what animal are you quiz several questions are posed at you, each having multiple choice for answers. The responses that you give carry different weight depending on your previous answers. The combinations of the answers send out various indications that are analyzed and you come to know what animal am I.

The tendency of humans to socialize is common to animals like monkeys, chimpanzees, elephants and many others too. In case you happen to possess most of the features of any particular animal, the software will identify you with that animal in the what animal am I result. While some of the features will be exactly same others may vary a bit. However, what animal are you quiz is not to be considered as the absolute yardstick for character analysis. Here animal instinct is matched with human characteristic features to ascertain the similarities.

Career aspiration, interpersonal behavior, social inclinations are some basic pointers that measure up the human mind. Career in humans can be equated to feeding technique in animals. The clannish attitude of animals is equated with social behavior of human beings. You and your friends can have an enjoyable time taking the what animal are you quiz. These types of tests are very popular on social networking sites. After discovering what animal am I, you can join the match making section to find out more about partner or who your perfect partner would be. It is also fun to know what animal your favorite celebrities resemble.

Find out what animal am I and exchange notes with your friends to share a good laugh. What animal are you quiz reveals a lot about your character which you may have overlooked all this time.

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