Guidelines to pass MOT in Bromley

Posted by AxelPrice on November 2nd, 2015

If your vehicle is more than 3 years old, it is mandatory to get MOT in Bromley done every year to prove the road worthiness of your vehicle. You should take your car to a Bromley car service garage having knowledge about the criteria to pass the test. There are about 20 different checkpoints comprising of both internal and external items which need to be passed in order to get this certification. You can get this audit and necessary servicing done at a reasonable cost which will save your time and effort.

There are few checks for MOT in Bromley test which are external in nature and easy to identify like lights, tyre and wheels, registration plates etc. You will be surprised to note that the biggest reason of failure is lighting-related issue like blown bulb which is so easy to identify. The second biggest reason is condition of tyre followed by cracked windscreen which can easily be replaced. Both these put together accounts for a significant percentage of failure in the test. However, for getting the internal checks done, you should avail service of a Bromley car service garage. You can also get the issues fixed by them before applying for the test.

The first step is to search for Bromley car service garage in and around your locality and ask for an appointment for pre-MOT in Bromley test. They have a pool of engineers who have decades of experience and are knowledgeable about the checkpoints of the test. To make this process faster and accurate, they deploy computerized car diagnostic system that quickly identifies the faults in the vehicle. Based on the report, the engineers start fixing each issue and make the vehicle fit to pass the test. Before handing over the vehicle to you, they will ensure that each issue has been attended to and addressed properly so as to meet the criteria.

Registration plates and wheels are two major reasons for failure in MOT in Bromley test. These are so easy to identify but yet often overlooked. Standard Registration plates meet MOT test criteria but it often fails if you have gone for any kind of customization. Same is true for wheels. Parameters like speedometer, road holding and gearing etc. are all designed for a specific sized wheel. Any change in the size of the wheel may cause MOT failures. For more technical points related to suspension, brakes, emissions and electrical equipments it is advisable to consult a Bromley car service garage.

The cost of MOT in Bromley test varies depending on the type and class of the vehicle. The test takes about 45 minutes. In case your vehicle does not comply with the requirement to pass the test, a certificate will be issued to you giving the details on the reason of failure. You can get those issues fixed and apply for retest. You can avail the customer-friendly, professional service of a Bromley car service garage to ensure that your vehicle passes the test in a single attempt which will save your time and money.

Bromley car service is the most reasonable way to keep your vehicle fit for the road. MOT in Bromley can be cleared easily once you take your car for a pre-MOT in one such garage.

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