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Posted by AxelPrice on November 2nd, 2015

Getting a car painted is no cakewalk. If you think choosing the right colour is confusing then finding the right car paint shop can be even more complicated. Your decision can make a big difference to the quality of work and the way your car looks after the paint job. Car painting and body shop servicing is a sophisticated operation that demands precision, artistic sense and an eye for detail. Approaching a random shop for car body repairs in Beckenham can give your newly-painted car a dull look with paint sticking out from unwanted edges. You will definitely not be impressed with the result, would you? Instead, look for specialised paint and body shop Beckenham that will handle your car with care and restore the lost sheen your car had been missing lately.

An established paint and body shop Beckenham serving the neighbourhood for years must be standing by its promise of delivering quality. Why don’t you walk into one any day and talk to the people there? Take a look at their garage and see how they go about their job. Some careful observations can help you close on a shop that meets your expectations. A clean and organized workspace means there would less chance of having dust in the air. Dust can simply ruin a paint job, ask the professionals and they will agree. Check whether the auto paint section is partitioned off from where the usual car body repairs in Beckenham are done.

If only specific areas of the car need repainting, you need to be extra careful. The new paint should exactly match the original. The usual practice by ordinary shops for car body repairs in Beckenham would be to retrieve the paint code mentioned on the car body, copy the formulation from the Internet and get going. However, there can still be differences in the shade. The paint brand may differ or your car colour may have faded a little on exposure to sun. If these variations go unaccounted for then it will be difficult to blend the colours well. A reputed paint and body shop Beckenham will tint the shade slightly to make it an exact match. A quick peek into their paint booth can reveal facts about how they operate.

Check whether cars get masked properly before a paint job. The window edges, exhaust system, tyres are tricky areas that can get overspray, if not covered. The panel mouldings or trims can be easily removed and fitted back after painting. A shop that cuts corners for car body repairs in Beckenham will not take all these effort to perform a paint job. It is better that you steer clear of them. A good paint and body shop Beckenham will have quality checks done at every step of painting. Whether the car surface has been sanded, cleaned and primed properly would be checked by experienced eyes. Overlooks at this point will show up at the end of the paint work. When you know what to look for, choosing a good paint shop will not be difficult at all.

You should visit a paint and body shop Beckenham to check their quality of work. Rickety garages that do routine car body repairs in Beckenham should be avoided for paint job.

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