What animal are you quiz: An insight into your personality

Posted by aimewolf on November 2nd, 2015

Personality tests designed by experts give you an opportunity for self-introspection. A better understanding of yourself helps you become a stable, controlled and better person. With personality tests abound, it often becomes difficult to judge their authenticity and you should not rely on unwarranted sources. One test that is based on research and mathematical model and produces near accurate result is the what animal are you quiz. The quiz is based on Roy Feinson’s book Animal in You and the subject matter deals with the societal and biological influences which plays a major role in shaping your personality. The test goes on to show what animal are you and how their personality traits match with that of animals. Even if you are skeptical about the results there is no harm taking the interesting quiz only for fun.

What are the reasons for taking the test? First, it’s easy and straightforward. All you need to do is answer some simple questions and based on your answers a result will be generated matching you to an animal. This will also include a description about your behavioral traits and whether you are socially active, shy, intelligent, overbearing etc. Even if you doubt the authenticity of the test you can try it to see whether your personality matches the results. What animal are you quiz may take you by surprise with its accuracy. Millions have taken the what animal are you test and you can also read their testimonials and comments on the website. The result also talks about the professions that would match your personality.

Second, the what animal are you quiz is based on algorithms and mathematical model and as said earlier, is based on Roy Feinson’s book who specializes in human behavior and how they often resemble animal instincts. Some of the examples of animal traits can be stated here for better understanding. Carnivores such as lion, tiger, fox, otter etc. are powerful, talented, loyal and adventurous. Herbivores are hardworking, family oriented and sociable. Birds are energetic, flamboyant and travelers. Reptiles are moody and creative. Rodents and insects are cautious, active and thrifty. If you are one of these animals see if your personality matches the traits. What animal are you gives you an insight into your behavioral pattern that you were not aware of.

Third, after you have the results of what animal are you quiz you can also ask your partner to take the test. You can match the animals to see if you are compatible with each other. Human personality develops due to the situations, circumstances and the environment around us. The purpose of what animal are you test is to make you conscious of the attributes in you so that you can channelize your social and professional life in a way that will be in your interest. The results can never reflect everything about you but it will be prudent not to disregard or underestimate the things that they tell about you. Rather, the test will give you food for thought and you can ponder over some of the facets that were in the sub-conscious.

Take the what animal are you quiz and learn a little more about yourself. Find out what animal are you and how the traits shape your life.

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