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Posted by aimewolf on November 2nd, 2015

It is said that we are born pure but with time develop temperaments that are adulterated by environmental influences. Like humans, animal too have singular characteristics that differentiate one species from another. It is the assemblage of all these different traits that keep the ecosystem balanced and healthy. It is interesting to know that human beings show certain behavioral pattern that can be directly linked to animal instincts. Roy Feinson’s book “The Animal in You” probes into the direct relation between human psychological pattern and animal behavior. Based on the book, a what animal are you quiz has been developed which lets you find out which animal you resemble most. It is a fun test but nevertheless throws some interesting insights. If you are inquisitive enough take the test and know what animal am I.

Based on our upbringing, societal inclusiveness or struggles we go through in life, our personality develops certain distinctive traits which start defining us. Some of these are apparent while some remain covert and get reflected only during extreme situations. The what animal are you quiz aims to extract all such hidden attributes which control your behavior silently. The quiz is based on several questions regarding your general attitude, intellect level, social behavior, likings etc. You need to choose your answers honestly from a set of multiple answers and based on your response the result would be calculated. Each question is important and carries different weight on the basis of which you come to know what animal am I.

Do not underestimate the what animal are you quiz as one of those trivial tests that throw up some regulated answers to stereotype questions. Much effort has been put to make the online test as scientific as possible. Each of the questions that you answer reflects certain aspect of your personality. It can be regarding how you value your career, how diminutive or overbearing you are, how protective you are about yourself and how important companionship is to you. You would be surprised to know that animals too respond to these elements of personality in their own way which can be deciphered in simple terms like feeding, fending for self, fleeing and mating. When you take the test to find out what animal am I you will be surprised to see how your psychological attributes are linked to that of an animal.

Carnivores are known to be aggressive and courageous while herbivores are friendly and hard working. Birds are known for being energetic and fun loving while rodents are cautious and active. If you are artistic and moody, you resemble a reptile. The what animal are you quiz can take you by surprise as many hidden dimensions of your temperament get exposed. To validate your results for what animal am I you can ask your friends to take the test for you, answering questions based on how they perceive you. You can also ask your partner to take the test. The online quiz also gives an option to check whether you are compatible as a couple through a matchmaking test. So, go on and take the quiz and find out more some interesting things about yourself.

Learn which animal you relate to most by taking the what animal are you quiz. Knowing what animal am I can in a way induce you to be more careful about your temperament.

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