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What are Frozen Foods?

Frozen foods are picked from their peak ripeness, blanched, and frozen to lock the food into its best tasting taste. The demand for frozen food is rising day by day. Since the fruits and vegetables are peeled and cut, you need to spend less time preparing your meal. It’s the best alternative if you are caught up in some work and have very little time to prepare the meal. The frozen foods do not have anything added to them, so they are as healthy as fresh foods and are even full of nutrition. They are just as nutritious as fresh and have no added sodium as a preservative.

The foods are flash-frozen with the freezing technique where extremely cold and circulating air helps freeze the food. This method freezes the food product, but the ice crystals help prevent moisture loss.

Why is frozen food fresher than fresh?

  • Frozen Timings

Most frozen foods are picked at their ripeness, which acts as a “pause button”. The produce is frozen to lock in the essential nutrients and preserve the taste. Various studies found out that frozen foods lock in lots of nutrients as compared to fresh foods. It is crucial to stay cautious of salt, sodium, or any preservatives added to the frozen foods. You should check the label for these before purchasing.

  • Transportation Time

Long travel miles and various climatic conditions can lead to the oxidation of fresh foods. Animal meats, fish, and dairy products require close attention so that they do not get spoiled. The transportation timings and climatic conditions can increase the probability of spoilage of the food. On the other hand, there is no such fear of food spoilage in frozen food as frozen food can hold up higher nutritional value for an extended period. They help to eliminate the losses experienced by the spoilage and shrinkage of the food.

  • Reduced Expiration

Frozen foods hold up the nutritional value for a longer time frame, but they also help maintain the freshness of the food, which most fresh foods tend to lose in a short duration. Therefore, fresh foods have reduced the expiration time and can be stored in the refrigerator for a more extended period.

Importance of frozen food over fresh foods:

  • Frozen foods are all prepared, just heated, and served, therefore offering convenience to the consumers.

  • The frozen foods offer explicit cooking direction, leaving no room for error, thus offering food security at its best.

  • Frozen foods are economical so that they can be consumed by lots of people quickly.

  • Freezing the food helps to seal in the freshness and the nutritional value.

  • These food items offer multiple values like cost-saving, quality, time-saving and energy-saving, etc.

Haldiram is known to offer the best-frozen meal all over the country. With more than 100 outlets all over the place, its main aim is to cater tasty, healthy, and hygienic food to its customers. They cater to numerous varieties of mouthwatering frozen food items to their customers. Haldiram has even started online delivery facilities for the convenience of the customers. Before buying a frozen meal, it is vital to check the label for sodium and preservative contents.

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