Facts About NYS Disability Insurance In Long Island City And Bohemia, NY

Posted by cafaroinsny on May 30th, 2021

There are many types of insurance covers offered by insurance carriers at present. Most of them cover individuals as well as professionals along with their tangible assets. Sure, falling ill or getting injured on the job is a serious matter with the employer required to provide adequate compensation to the said worker as per the law of the land, but what happens to an employee who is disabled while doing something else that is not related to the profession at all? Such an occurrence puts the life and livelihood of the worker in jeopardy as there is not much chance of obtaining any compensation.

An employee who cannot work due to a temporary disability ceases to earn a wage. This makes it even more difficult for the concerned individual, especially when they have to support the family. Well, not all is lost, however! One may be eligible to claim NYS disability insurance in Long Island City and Bohemia, NY, to obtain a small amount of cash that pays for the necessities.

The individual covered by this type of disability insurance does not have to be employed, though. The basic condition of getting disability insurance is one's inability to work to earn a living. Individuals who are considered for receiving NYS disability insurance needs to meet the following criteria:-

· An individual collecting unemployment benefits has worked for at least four consecutive weeks at a task under an employer covered by the insurance plan.

· An individual who changes jobs with both the employers being covered. The employment stint should be continuous with no gap between jobs. The disability needs to begin from the first day at work

· Workers dealing with domestic chores for an employer and spends at least 40 hours on the job. Nannies, home caregivers, and personal assistants are usually considered to be eligible under this section

· Individuals who do not work for a covered employer but opt for insurance coverage voluntarily

 The term 'covered employer' may be confusing for the workers. It suffices to know that any business worker who employs at least one person to handle the workload may be considered covered.

Filing the claim is not an arbitrary process, however. One must follow the rules and file the specified form to get the benefits. It is important to note that an individual hoping to get the benefit must file the claim within a month of being disabled.

· It is mandatory to file Form DB-450 when one is unemployed and has been collecting unemployment benefits for less than four weeks

· Form DB-300 is required to be filed when the concerned person had already collected unemployment benefits for more than four weeks before being disabled

· Both the disabled person and the medical professional treating the individual need to fill out the respective sections included within the form to claim benefits.

It is also advisable for the family's sole breadwinner to buy life insurance in Deer Park and Lake Success, NY, so that the dependents do not have to suffer after the primary wage earner is gone.

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