Creative Ways to Use Fashion Brooches

Posted by kamal on November 3rd, 2015

Fashion brooches may seem old-fashioned especially in comparison with avant-garde earrings, bracelets and necklaces. But don’t let their appearance deceive your eyes because brooches are among the most versatile and beautiful pieces of jewellery! You have so many creative ways to wear these pieces from wearing them as hairpieces to pairing them with ribbon as gift wrapping.

Such is the wide range of possibilities with brooches that these can be considered as personalised jewellery – just customise the pieces according to your personal style, present mood, and outfit of the day and voila! You have pieces that can be mixed and matched with your feelings of the day.


Add a brooch into your hairstyle and instantly add a touch of glitz and glamour to your appearance, even on a casual jeans-and-shirt day. Place the brooch on top of a messy bun or elegant chignon, whichever suits your style. Wear the brooch in lieu of a flower on one side of your hairstyle or be a princess for a day by wearing it like a tiara.

Clothing Accessories

Brooches are obviously designed to be worn with clothes especially in accenting the beauty of the dress’ design or in adding a touch of class to a casual outfit.


  • Wear a statement brooch on your elegant black tailored jacket for a more feminine look.

  • Place a sparkly brooch on the waistline of your little black dress for extra oomph and to break the monotony.

  • Use a brooch to accentuate your cleavage while also securing your wrap dress (i.e., prevent revealing glimpses while bending down).

  • Affix a colourful brooch to your hat for an interesting bejewelled fascinator from a store-bought hat. Even a beret and brooch combination will attract attention from your fellow fashionistas.

  • Secure a brightly-coloured scarf with a rhinestone-studded brooch.

  • Create a choker-type necklace by affixing a brooch on a length of cloth.

You will be surprised at the many ways that a single brooch can be used over and over again with your clothes, scarves, and hats. Just experiment with the placement for new looks and combine it with other pieces, such as cat jewellery.

Decorative Items

Who says that brooches should always be worn? If you have plenty of brooches in your jewellery box, you can repurpose them in the following ways:


  • Use the brooches as place settings by using small brooches to pin the napkins.

  • Top your gifts to family and friends with bright brooches, which can also add personalised value to your gifts.

  • Collect your old brooches and turn them into home décor.

Start making your collection of brooches now and experiment with them!

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