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Do you think combining money and marriage is a recipe for disaster? You’re not alone. Money is the number one issue married couples fight about.

Drawing from the study of psychology and the field of financial planning, this book is the careful fusing and blending of psychology and finance to help married couples build for their household a system of dealing with family finances in a healthy and disclosed way that assures the couple and enables them the chance to build in and upward direction their financial net worth.

There are many components to building a great relationship. There are many technical terms, concepts, methods of building your finances. The Money and Marriage system requires the couple to work together to build their finances and shines a light on what happens when one person earns and one person spends there is never a meeting of the minds. The person that earns hopes to hide enough money to make investments to help the couple build a financial future and a means to retirement.

Research has shown that jumping out of bed on a Saturday morning and saying “Hey, Sweetheart let’s talk about our finances”, may be enough to start a fight. Most married couples cannot sit down in the comfort of their home, the quiet of their living room and have a 20 minute discussion about their finances without a fight.

Learning how to have these discussions, finding comfort with each other during financial discussions, and forming an agreement to work together to build their retirement and investment assets is a challenging proposition for most married couples.

This is the second book in the Money and Marriage book series. This book was designed to be a tool to be used by people considering marriage. If you make the right choice of partner for marriage you will have a chance that the marriage will last a lifetime.

If you respond to your compulsive feelings, make a quick choice or jump into marriage because of a sexual attraction your chance of having a long term relationship are slim.

Money and Marriage-For Engaged Couples introduces the “choosing process” and provides an outline in how to get to know your partner before jumping into marriage. The book contains suggestions in how to ask the right questions, gain the trust and look for the honesty in your partner before marriage. This book is a helpful working guide in how to bring up for discussion difficult topics so that you get a chance to know your partner and then can evaluate your chances for good financial success and the prospects of building a great romantic relationship together.

The book offers ideas in how to be a good, romantic, loving marriage partner. The book heightens the chance for you to build a great relationship and a strong financial future.

For those that want help and information on what to invest in, we can help. The Money and Marriage books have discussed practical, available, convenient investment opportunities that everyone can start, build or get involved in.




Real Estate

Multi Units

Commercial Buildings

Shopping Centers


Store and Lock Storage Units

Business-Entrepreneurship…start or purchase a business

First develop a good idea

Hardest part: Get Started

Then become familiar with the principles of:

Accounting, Engineering, Quality Control, Marketing, Production, Advertising, Public Relations

We are here to help you get underway with your investment portfolio and how a married couple can work together in a loving a supportive way in building a strong financial future and a vehicle that will enable you to retire in style.

Steve Pybrum, a founder and pioneer in the Money and Marriage Industry, is the nation’s leading expert on money issues of the married household. Steve has appeared on over 100 television talk shows and news broadcasts on ABC,NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX  and 400 national radio shows talking about tax law changes, tax planning ideas, financial planning and how to speak to your mate about the money factors of your household.

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