Bespoke Log Cabins: The Many Options They Come With

Posted by Johny Deanes on November 3rd, 2015

Log cabins make a great home extension for those who have an expansive homestead and a good spot to accommodate an outhouse. Cabins in residential areas are now common, and thinking of the bulk of bespoke log cabins building options available at hand, you can now have one too within your boundary. Bespoke log cabins in Kent have now set as a home improvement style with multiple home owners endorsing the idea by building their very own, personal granny annexe. There are multiple builders that have brought to the market an aggressive variety of options for these outdoor accommodations.

The Options They Bring

A log cabin is not essentially of one kind alone. There are so many, and each can be used for a different purpose aside the common. Firstly, a log cabin is rather easy to build in a place where you need a temporary accommodation. The insides of the cottages are very neat and comfortable that makes them a good temporary dig. Log cabins for that matter are very common in farms and ranches where a fancy house is out of the question. Rustic in their appeal, they have a special close-to-nature feel about them.

You can get one built as the granny annexe next to your home that can accommodate weekenders. Your builder will get the certificate of lawful development and once it’s built, it should be your little shack for those weekend shindies. Believe it or not, you can also accommodate farm kits and equipment in these outhouses. It can serve as a lively and very well-kept livery yard for horse riders and tenders. All spare equipment can be stored in these cabins when your attic is out of bounds and you are not using it over romantic weekends.

Another purpose that is served by these cabins is as mobile accommodations. If you are changing your current existential location and don’t want to spend much on putting up a second establishment, contact a bespoke log cabins builder to set up a neat cabin somewhere in the free space where you can stay lodged for a while until the relocation is done. That saves you from the daunting prospect of living in your car. Think of all the space you can have all to yourself as well as for your luggage at almost not recurrent pay.

The log cabins often make for cosy residential accommodation in game firms. If you set them up in a distant location that is worth a vacation, then you can use the place as a holiday home or a replacement for the same. The insides of a log cabin can be designed as leased. You will be more than delighted to explore the interior options that bespoke log cabins in Kent makers may bring to you.

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