Bespoke log cabins in Kent: The Types to Pick from

Posted by Johny Deanes on November 3rd, 2015

A log cabin by the foot of your backyard swimming pool or a large Cumbria cabin tucked in the corner of your very large estate, an outhouse is always a special asset to a property. They add value and aesthetics to homesteads, while making holidays and weekends welcomingly different for the owners. Imagine shifting into your very neat and organic shack over the weekend enjoying the peace and quiet of a bucolic setting. Only meters away is your very cosmopolitan house furnished with all the amenities that are both boon and bane. Apparently, a lot of people agreed with this idea which makes bespoke log cabins in Kent common in domestic locales.

Countless log cabin builders in Kent have come up to support the ever-growing demand in the market. This has brought in diversity in the cabin designs and built.
Cabins with Side Storage

These cabins are usually set up by the end of the pool where there is a neat corner to spare for your oddments. The interior of these log cabins are nothing fancy because they are purported to contain unwanted loads. Position them centrally with the pool for aesthetics management.
Cabins with Extended Canopy

There is something about extended canopies that is identifiable with the architectural design of a mansion. An outhouse made of hardwood with a palatial size and design makes an impression. The rest of the cabin however is kept long and narrow with glass doors making up the frontal view. This one is more like a conservatory. Enjoy a cup of evening tea under the shade and light of the patio in summers.
Pool House Cabin

The best thing about pool houses is the view of the waterfront. With see-through glass windows and doors making up the front facade of the house, you can wake up to the reflection of the forget-me-not blue of the pool water.
Home Office Cabin

This log cabin might look like a regular granny annexe from outside, but is a professional equipped workspace from inside. Spacious, with a light and comfortable design, these cabins do not have too many hollow walls, allowing a large continue space. It can serve as your tentative work station by your house.
Somerset Cabin

A Somerset cabin is more like a second home in the yard. It has an extended porch which you can set up with comfortable sitting arrangements configured to gently face the sun in the wee hours of the day. The cabins have one entrance like homes with wide windows lining up the face of the annexe.

Bespoke log cabins in Kent are constructed with close regards to the ideas of the people than with the construction template. Discuss closely with the engineer before the men get to work.

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