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The Rebel Flag as part of the Culture

Posted by articlelink01 on November 4th, 2015

Confederate flags are still bought by many people until today, even though there are people who think that it is too controversial, the reason why big brands have pulled out their stocks in their businesses. This is because apart from its controversy in the historic event that has made it as a symbol of rebellion, it has also been a symbol that is known to many people part of the younger generation that they knew through the music industry. In the 1980s, there have been some South American bands that used the design of the rebel flag as their backdrop in one concert they had decades ago. For some people, particularly those who have loved their music and those who have been curious about why is there such a use, this was where they first knew of. Although some people strongly condemn the use of such flag, particularly, that it has a strong role with the rebellion in the historic Southern American army.

However, people still buy rebel flags because it has something to do with pop culture. Many people like to buy merchandise that has rebel flag designs on them, especially in phone cases or covers. Since phone covers can be considered one of the things that most people buy because of its many designs that a lot of people will want to use, there have been businesses which sell rebel flag design covers because it is a hit with many teens and also older people as well because it can be used by anyone who would love to have that design. Aside from that, people buy rebel flags that have unique and another new twist to the designs that these businesses have been selling online.

They all have the designs that many people need which is why they also do rebel designs because people still buy them and people would still love to see them in the market. Confederate flags have been a part of the history so it is only good to see it be part of the culture nowadays. Although it may have been so controversial before, it is always good to remember all the things that it has taken part on especially in its days before when it was famous for its historical symbol of rebellion. Though it is now used in doing designs such as those for phone covers, the rebel flags are still being bought by many people, particularly those that live in the United States, especially when they have to commemorate all these things that have happened in the past that they still want to remember.

Some of these include having a member of their loved ones who have also been involved in this rebellion and supremacy that has happened years ago. For those who want to buy their own confederate flags, you can buy yours because there are still online shops that sell it in different sizes, depending on where you want to use it for. Also, it is a great way to show your historical pride about something huge and controversial, such as this usage of confederate flags for it can still remind us of the rich culture that America has, through a very iconic symbol that has turned the world into seeing the culture of the country.

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<a href="">Confederate flags</a> have been a part of the history so it is only good to see it be part of the culture nowadays. Aside from that, people <a href="">buy rebel flags</a> that have unique and another new twist to the designs that these businesses have been selling online.

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