How to Train Your Crowdfunding Team for Success in 5 Steps

Posted by Daniel Martins on May 31st, 2021

When your job description says, "change the world", you know you are in for some challenging work. Even if you are a part of the fundraising team, you have a larger sense of ownership towards the NGO and the beneficiaries you work for. This can create a lot of pressure and make you feel overwhelmed. 



This article will help eliminate some of the pressure by outlining some ideas on providing crowdfunding training to your fundraising team and be successful.  



Make a plan:

Good intentions help when you are raising funds for a non-profit. But it would help if you also had a concrete plan. Having a plan helps to avoid false starts. Ensure you list each team member's responsibilities so that no task gets missed and there are no clashes within the team. 

Leading a social media blitzkrieg


When you are raising money for a good cause, why not let the whole world know? Post your crowdfunding campaign link on all possible social media platforms. On Twitter, you can highlight the impact numbers of your work. On Instagram, you can post a photo series of your work. And, on Facebook, you can put up long-form posts about your work and impact. Modify your strategy according to the platform, and invest in advertising on social media. You need to invest money to raise money.



Build storytelling skills 

A significant component of crowdfunding is how you tell the story of your work. Be it working for water conservation in the Himalayas or providing livelihood opportunities to the remotest tribes of India, you need to be able to tell your work in the form of a story that appeals to potential donors.

Get your team together and figure out ways to present your work so that it seems compelling to the potential donors. Statistics and impact numbers are essential, but they don't need to be presented in a dreary way. Invest in a coach who can train your crowdfunding team on storytelling skills. 

Why involve the whole team, you ask? Because the entire team will be involved in spreading the word of your campaign. Each member will be part of the social media blitzkrieg that you unleash. You don't want all your team members to put up the same monotonous write-ups or post-scripts on their social media, right?

Appealing to HNIs

High net worth individuals can help you reach your fundraising goal quickly. Train your team on how to approach such HNIs and on how to pitch your cause. The old school way of tugging at the donor's heartstrings can often fail these days, given how many causes can do that. Train your team to build a database of HNIs, research how likely they are to donate to your cause, and then create a customised pitch for each of the donors to increase your chances of getting a significant donation. 

Give a shout out

Expressing your gratitude to your donors goes a long way in making them feel appreciated. It also plays a critical role in encouraging recurring donations. Thank them on social media, and if you have the resources, send them a personalised 'thank you' card. 

You have a vision, you have a team, and you have a fundraising plan. Now all your non-profit needs to make a definitive change in the world is brilliant execution, and for that, we think you are now ready!


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