Notarized Translation of Birth Certificate

Posted by universal translation service on May 31st, 2021


A birth certificate is a very common document. For the formation of an identity card often birth certificate is required. Sometimes while getting admissions in school, colleges, and universities. Sometimes while transferring from one school to other.  But if you\'re using birth certificates to apply to the University of any other Foreign Country with a different native language, you need a notarized translation of Birth certificate.

There is a government institution and university process which requires certified translations but some procedures like for immigration purposes notarized translation of birth certificate is required which is signed by a notary public. You need to attach a notarized translated birth certificate with the admission applications and letter. Many translation companies provide services of notarization. Other than the translation of birth certificates many legal documents and official documents like marriage certificates require notarization. It is a kind of certificate of accuracy in the target language. For the record, nativetranslators are the best option for accurate translation for official purposes.


People often think notarization and certification of translation are the same. But in actual these are two different kinds of formal translation services. Notarization translation is a very detail-focused translation with the notary. A notary is an authorized person which is skilled in the field. Professional translators do the translation but it is reviewed by the notary public. But sometimes notary doesn\'t know the language in which the document is translated. So, the translated document gets certified first to ensure the translation accuracy and quality of work. In this case, the notary does his signature on the certified document which would prove of accurate translation.

In the case of international translation, you need to contact the Foreign office of the state in which you intend to use that notarized document. Then they would assign a notary or you need to find a notary in your state. Notarized translation cost more than certified translation because these are not a translation of personal documents which do not require legal formalities. But companies have reasonable prices for a translation project; they provide their best services at affordable rates. For example, if you need your immigration documents to get notarized. You need to get a copy of the official translation for the immigration document, certificate of translation, and signature of the notary for your immigration application.


There are many usages of notarized translation of birth certificates because it is a basic identity document for minors. Following is the list of few usages.

  • Admission in schools and universities.
  • Immigration process.
  • Transfer of school and university of the foreign country
  • Job application
  • Visa application

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