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If you are pregnant and considering a termination, it is imperative that you seek the best help available. It is important to remember that the choice as to how to proceed is ultimately yours.

The decision to terminate a pregnancy can arise for a number of reasons, and no two situations are the same. The most common reason for women seeking abortion is anxiety and depression as a result of unplanned pregnancy and for foetal abnormality detected after 12 weeks of pregnancy. Whatever the circumstances, abortion can be a challenging experience for a woman.

Through our extensive experience of helping women through this time, we do everything we can to make the process pass as smoothly as can be expected.

What is a medical abortion?

Medical termination of pregnancy is an option for women seeking abortion in early pregnancy between 6 and 10 weeks of pregnancy.

It involves the administration of tablets which initiate uterine contractions that lead to natural miscarriage without surgery. This is similar to what happens in an early spontaneous miscarriage.

Many women prefer this option because it is a non­surgical and non­invasive procedure.

What is involved in an early medical abortion?

Before any process of early abortion commences, you will receive a thorough consultation at The Thu Dau Mot Clinic at Binh Duong with an expert Consultant. We will talk confidentially and sympathetically with you about your plans for termination.

The medical termination itself involves taking two types of medication at the same time or at a 24 – 48 hours interval. After taking the initial tablet, you may return home and resume your usual activities. In fact usually when women are waiting for the second stage of treatment, they notice very little side effects. A few women will experience mild cramping and light bleeding, but most women don’t. (In the unlikely event that you experience significant pain or heavier bleeding, you should contact us immediately on our 24 Hour Support Line).

Within 1/2 to 3 hours of this second treatment you will experience some pain and bleeding, as the miscarriage occurs. At this point it is best to be at home where you can rest. We will supply you with pain relief tablets and anti­biotics.

Here at The Thu Dau Mot Clinic at Binh Duong, we have extensive support procedures in place for women undergoing medical abortion, including a 24 Hour Support Line for any questions or concerns.

How does the Abortion Pill work?

The first pill you will take works by blocking the essential pregnancy hormone progesterone that enables the lining of your womb to be suitable for the fertilised egg.

The second pill encourages the womb to contract. After taking it, the lining of the womb breaks down and is released, along with the pregnancy, through the vagina. This process of miscarriage is usually complete within 48 hours, but bleeding may continue for up to 2 weeks.

Am I suitable for Medical Abortion?

Medical abortion is considered a very safe intervention and is favoured by many patients and doctors alike for this reason. It is also more cost-effective and less invasive than surgical abortion.

However, as with almost all medical procedures, medical termination is not suitable for everyone. For example, you are not considered a good candidate for medical abortion in the following circumstances:

Possible ectopic pregnancy

Anaemia with haemoglobin less than 10 Gm.

Have an IUD (contraceptive coil) fitted which cannot be removed prior to treatment

Suffers from high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney or liver disease

Are taking anti-corticosteroids on a long-term basis

Suffer with adrenal failure.

Have a haemorrhagic disease, porphyria or are taking anti-coagulant medication

Have an insufficiently controlled inflammatory bowel condition.

Suffers from uncontrolled asthma.

At The Thu Dau Mot Clinic at Binh Duong, we go to great lengths to ensure all our patients are considered suitable candidates for any prospective medical procedure. Before administering medication for early termination of pregnancy, you will be given a thorough consultation by an expert Consultant, to ensure the procedure is right for you.

What is Aftercare like?

As one of the UK’s leading women’s health clinics, here at The Thu Dau Mot Clinic at Binh Duong we take aftercare very seriously.

If at any time during your recovery you experience excessive pain or unusual bleeding, or any symptoms that seem out of the ordinary, we are on hand to help.

We advise follow-up two weeks later by a special low sensitivity pregnancy test at home which we will supply. The test is very easy to read but in case of any doubt, you can email us a photo for verification. If, in the highly unlikely event of the procedure being unsuccessful or there being any tissue remaining, we are available to resolve the problem with state of the art medical equipment and leading gynaecological experts.

Are there any risks or side effects in early abortion?

Medical abortion is considered a very safe procedure, with few associated risks and side effects. In fact, The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists assert that abortion in general is statistically medically safer than continuing pregnancy. Furthermore, evidence shows medical abortion to be the safest method for terminating an early pregnancy. The process requires no anaesthetic and is non-surgical and non-invasive; many women and doctors prefer phongkhamphathaibinhduong.webflow.io/ it for these reasons.

There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that an uncomplicated abortion affects your fertility in the future, or health in general.

However, every medical procedure carries at least a small risk of complications and side effects, and early medical abortion is no exception.

The hormones used in medical abortion can provoke nausea and diarrhoea. Aside from this, the very small risks associated with medical abortion:


Incomplete abortion or continuing pregnancy, leading to the need for a surgical abortion to complete the process

Pelvic or uterine infection

Unrecognised ectopic pregnancy

Here at The Thu Dau Mot Clinic at Binh Duong, we pride ourselves on rigorously safeguarding your health. At all times throughout medical abortion we are on hand 24 hours a day through a special support line, should you require assistance, advice or support.

Why choose the Thu Dau Mot Clinic at Binh Duong for a Medical Abortion?

The Thu Dau Mot Clinic at Binh Duong is one of the foremost centres for gynaecology care in the UK. It is home to dinhchithaibinhduong-45969b.webflow.io/ one of the country’s leading gynaecology experts – Dr Alex Eskander. Additionally, the clinic is equipped with state of the art facilities, not to mention premier nurses and support staff.

Medical Abortion at The Thu Dau Mot Clinic at Binh Duong is provided to women as a comprehensive package, seeing you through from consultation to recovery. We leave no stone unturned in pre-intervention health checks and provide patients with advanced ultrasound testing afterwards to ensure that the process has proceeded as planned.

We are proud to have a success rate of up to 96% for medical abortion and our decades of experience in gynaecology care makes us more than equipped to not only provide the highest quality health care, but the best support and understanding through this difficult time.

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