Buy RS 3 GOLD & RS 07 GOLD on RS3gold for New Tasks and New Boss ? Wyverns

Posted by gracedashen on November 5th, 2015

As a Runescape player, there is no need to envy Old School players since they can have fun in Deadman mode. Every week throughout November, Runescape will have a new high-level monster – fresh from RuneLabs. Each one's a fitting challenge for the most masterful of slayers among you and has some truly epic loot to claim. Hurry to buy cheap RS 3 gold on RS3gold to prepare for the coming new bosses.

Defeat Wyverns to gain RS gold and more

You must be a Runescape member to damage Wyverns. You will want to head deeper into the Asgarnian Lce Aungeon and past the skeletal wyverns to find the boss. 96 slayer and 100 Combat are required to be assigned Wyverns by a slayers master. In order to ensure you can kill the boss smoothly, you should have very high combat stats. Your best gear are strongly recommended, and Wyrmfire potions will be a big help. If you are in need of RS gold to kill the boss, you can buy cheap Runescape gold on RS3gold.

Start Raptor's Challenge in Runescape

Apart from kill the boss, you can complete the Raptor's Challenge in the game. Speak to Raptor south of Port Sarim to start your task. Raptor will give you one slayer assignment per day throughout November. The enemies assigned by Raptor are the same as those assigned by other masters, and will be appropriate to your level. They also award double Slayer XP. Yes, it is very rewarding to doing the task every day. When you need RS gold while playing the game, you can always visit RS3gold to buy cheap RS gold.

Since there are three more boss will come to Runescape later in this month, so you should always stock enough RS gold in your bank to ensure you can make the most of these boss. The good news is that RS3gold always offer cheap Runescape to all players with fast delivery. It is not easy for you to kill the boss, chances are that you will lose some money when kill the boss. If you are in need of Runescape gold, RS3gold always can be the best place for you to buy cheap RS gold.

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