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Posted by vendelajar on November 5th, 2015

The law refers to the aspect of giving justice to the person who files the case and also the person who is accused and is not declared the culprit till the same is proved. So whether it is the Singapore law or any law in the world they are all stringent on the crime that occurs.

Molest Law:

When the person is questioned on the mannerisms of behavior, that’s when the law of molest applies. This is especially for the offence that is created on the basis of the touch that would be not liked by the claimant or she would have been forced to be close to the defender, which for obvious matter she would have not appreciated. However, the law also says that, if the same is done with the consent of the claimant, the case on the offender would be overruled by the court of law.

criminal law

Criminal Procedures:

The Singapore law includes the term criminal law breached, when there is assault done on a person, when there is charge of crime on you, and then there are certain details that are supposed to be known. When one is charged of the criminal offence and arrested, the defendant will be read out the charge on her or him within forty eight hours from the time of the arrest. A translator would be arranged if required. Once that is done, the defendant will be asked you whether you would plead the charge accordingly. The trial will be commenced on you and you can share you witnesses to prove your innocence.

Criminal offence:

The criminal offence refers to an act of possessing some drug without the authority as per law. When a person is convicted for this, they need to prove that they do not hold the authority of it and the circumstances under which it has been seen with the defender, has to be explained with proof. The charges if proved would go up to twenty years of imprisonment and fifteen strokes added to it.

There are states where the above cases can be punished only when proved. In the office of Gloria James Civetta and Company can help you if the same are under the trial and want assistance. The experienced lawyers here would enable you to know the Criminal procedure code that are as per law and sections are involved for any of the trials that you are in. They would also help you to prevent the harassment as per the Prevention of the Harassment Act (POHA).

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