The Wrath of Chronic Diseases are Observed on Poor Countries

Posted by Rachel Christian on November 5th, 2015

In this contemporary world, the rate of death has been increased high with the emergence of various deadly diseases. Due to a number of chronic diseases such as Tuberculosis, Cancer and various other heart diseases, the rate of death leaps to unimaginable. It is observed in a survey performed by a recognized international health concerns. Those people who are financially weak have fallen into the clutch of these chronic diseases than those who are financially rigorous countries.  Approximately, fifty percent of this death rate has been increased within two decades. These chronic diseases are simply not prevented by us due to improper infrastructure.

Increasing Effect of these Diseases

A country like Asia, has witness a certain development due to urbanization and proper development. The lifestyles of common people are degraded due to the major changes in the country. A very impressive effect has been led by the sharp declines in infant mortality to the life span of common people too. Since the year of 2000, the life span has been increased up to eight years. This aspect is confirmed from the report of WHO or World Health organization.

Causes of the Diseases

The long lasting effect of chronic diseases is observed on most of the rich countries such as USA, Australia and so on. However, it is also claimed by these countries that they have enough money to fight with these diseases. But what about poor countries like Asia? Chronic disease Asia provokes to most of the people to suffer extensively as they do not get proper treatment. They become entrapped by these diseases due to their bad habits, improper lifestyle, air pollution, poor nutrition and so on. That’s why, it is very important to take preventive measurements beforehand so that you can prevent these diseases.   

Get Rid of Chronic Diseases 

The pattern of these chronic diseases change very slowly and it is observed in most of the affluent countries for their required circumstances and favorable conditions as well. On the other hand, these changes are experienced very fast in most of the poor countries like Asia due to certain and sudden reasons. This is mainly because most of the people in these poor countries do not spent money on their personal care. Therefore, these types of diseases cannot be prevented. The survival of these guys can be made if proper conditions and infrastructure can be acquired.        

There is no scarcity of health conscious persons who are trying to win this critical situation. They are seeking help from rich countries to provide proper infrastructure and treatment to all the sufferers in Asia.          

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