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Posted by gracedashen on November 6th, 2015

After released on 29 October, Deadman mode has attracted a great number of Old School players. The new PvP world is really harsh to play in since you will lose almost all the items if killed by others. However, most players still like to immerse themselves in the new game. If you need OSRS Deadman gold in the game, you can always visit RS3gold and buy cheapest RS Deadman gold with fastest delivery. Here are some new changes in the game:

Skulls visible on right-click

Formerly in Deadman mode, it was often difficult to determine which player was the one with the PK skull when right-clicking a pile of players. It can be helpful to check out how much time left on a player's skull. To help you see exactly who you should be targeting and how to avoid being attracted, a skull will now appear next to a skulled players name when you right-click the player.

Discard keys from the Deadman chest

You can discard your keys in Deadman chest if you like. Now, a button that allows you to destroy keys from the bank raid interface has now been added. All items will be destroyed, and you will be warned before destroying keys to make sure you don't accidentally destroy any high value keys. If you need OSRS Deadman gold after destroy the content of chest, you can consider buying cheapest Runescape Deadman mode gold on RS3gold.

Timer added on destroying keys

You will now need to wait 10 seconds before the key is destroyed when attempting to destroy keys from your inventory. However, this timer does not apply when you are trying to destroy keys from the bank raid interface. This can be a very good update for those slaying pkers. Now you can march safely without players protecting melee in V west bank. Need RS Deadman mode gold in game? Buy cheap Deadman gold on RS3gold to help you out.

Hope you can enjoy your best in Deadman mode after these changes added in the game. If you are in need of OSRS Deadman gold currently, you can buy cheap Runescape Deadman mode gold on RS3gold. RS3gold has plenty of cheap OSRS Deadman gold for sale, and we ensure you can get your RS Deadman gold fast and safe. You can also use the discount code "DMG8OFF" to get 8% off when you buy OSRS Deadman gold on RS3gold.

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